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How to Find Adults Only Campgrounds and RV Resorts

Published on February 15th, 2024 by Lucinda Belden

Are you looking for a childfree getaway? Many RVers will try to look up, “What are the best adults only campgrounds and resorts” online, but this isn’t where you start trying to find one. Choosing an adults only campground or RV resort requires some steps and considerations before booking a spot. Today I want to share important things know about booking a kid-free camping experience, so you’re not disappointed when you arrive.

Considerations Before Booking an Adults Only RV Destination

Most RV resorts don’t advertise as strictly adults-only campgrounds. And internet searches for “adults only campgrounds” often return results for popular nudist RV resorts. So if camping without clothing isn’t your thing, you’ll need to dig a little deeper to find the top destinations, by asking yourself:

  • What features are you looking to experience?  
  • Are you just wanting to stay away from potential rowdy children?
  • Are there services you expect to find only at an adults only resort things you can’t find at other campgrounds?  
  • Do you have a list of the features you want or expect in an adult-only stay?  

It helps not to classify all children into the same category, like “unruly” or “loud.” Many children are taught RV campground etiquette and are more responsible at a campground than some adults. We have seen more grown-ups breaking campground rules than children. 

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Everyone has different reasons to book campsites without kids. When you know yours, here are some other things to consider before you make a reservation.

Even No Children RV Campgrounds Sometimes Make Exceptions

  • Be aware of rules and regulations for visiting young people.  Some adult-only parks do allow children and grandchildren to visit for brief periods. So even if it is an adults only park, you may see children during break times like spring break, summer, and holiday vacation. You may want to avoid those times when you select when to stay.  And remember, this works the other way around too if you plan to have children or grandchildren visit.
  • Many RV resorts already have age restrictions for activities.  For example, there may be specific times when children have access to campground amenities like pools, clubhouses, etc. Even if it’s not an official “no children” RV park, in many cases you can enjoy adult-only activities when children are on site.

An Easy Way to Find Adults Only Campgrounds

We know many childfree campers who look for a ‘lack’ of amenities, other than maybe picnic tables. They search for campgrounds that do not have playgrounds, swimming pools, or other attractions that draw in families versus adults. You can also look for RV parks that offer adult-oriented activities like wine tastings, morning yoga, or book exchange libraries.

From our experience going on five years of full-time RVing, we find that your overall experience at a campground or resort is more related to the campground management or hosts. When bad ones are in place, you can find rowdy adults breaking the rules as well as encountering children causing problems. This makes it even more important to consider and read RVer recommendations about your potential campground. How do they handle issues? This is a good way to find a great an adult-only campground. 

Does the Resort Have Other Age Restrictions?

When you search for adult only campgrounds and resorts, keep in mind that most of these campground resorts don’t just establish as an “adults only” campground because no kids are allowed. They may declare it adults only because everyone must be over age 55. Or maybe it’s a clothing optional RV resort.  So even if you are in your 30s or 40s with no children at home, you still may not qualify to stay at an adults-only resort.

Some RV Parks Offer Childfree Sections

So you can’t find an adults only RV campground you want to visit? Don’t give up. Many campgrounds aren’t labeled as adult only but during certain seasons, they may offer childfree sections for RV camping. Staying away from parks near cities can help you avoid weekend party crowds or just overcrowding on the weekends. Campgrounds farther away from cities will also provide you with more reasonable costs.

Costs vary based on location, entertainment, amenities, and many other features.  Some adult only campgrounds may be more expensive simply to cut down on the traffic which can result in quieter stays. Pricing can be offset by staying in the off-seasons, and not during peak seasons.

What Does a Great Adults Only Campground Look Like?

After reviewing some of these considerations for adults only resorts, put together the features list of what you want for your stay.  Some of the top features RVers should look for in a no-kids RV resort include:

  • Large and level RV sites
  • Privacy between sites (shrubs, trees, or small walls)
  • Pet-friendly management, as well as offering pet services and dog parks
  • Adult-only pools, lazy rivers, swim-up bars, lounge chairs, and hot tubs
  • Upgraded and clean bathrooms, and laundry facilities
  • Lots of campground activities for adults – like a golf course, bingo, snacks or treats, fly fishing ponds, live music, dancing, etc.

Think about all the features and rules you are concerned about and add those to your list. You’ll find there are so many places to choose from, but below are some great adult only campgrounds and luxury RV resorts recommended by RV LIFE Campgrounds members.

 These may give you even more ideas of what you want from your no-kids camping stay and ways to search for a similar campground in your vacation location. 

Emerald Desert Golf and RV Resort, Palm Desert, CA

Overhead of Emerald Desert RV Resort 
(Image: @motorhomemadness, RV LIFE Campgrounds)
Overhead of Emerald Desert RV Resort
(Image: @motorhomemadness, RV LIFE Campgrounds)

Emerald Desert RV Resort is a highly favorited park on RV LIFE Campgrounds. They have a four-star ranking and over 180 reviews. There are a lot of photos posted from members so you can get a good feel for the park.

“One of our favorite parks just happens to be adults only. It is Emerald Desert Golf and RV Resort in Palm Desert, California. It is a winter spot. Too hot in the summer.

@mittshel, RV LIFE Campgrounds

They have 251 back-in sites. Tips from previous campers suggest getting free ice at the front desk, staying on sites west of the pool for less noise, and having easy access to supplies with stores like Costco, Lowes, and Target.

Fountain of Youth Spa, Near Indio, CA

Typical campsite (Image: @tallguyvr, RV LIFE Campgrounds)
Typical campsite (Image: @tallguyvr, RV LIFE Campgrounds)

Fountain of Youth Spa is another highly recommended hot springs park you can enjoy with one adult only pool, and activities like water volleyball, fitness center, clubhouse games, and an on-site cafe with daily dining options. They have 4.5 stars out of 40+ reviews.

“If you are in California for the winter, check out the Fountain of Youth north of Niland & south of Indio on route 111. You will not find a nicer place for the money. 2 warm pools, 4 hot tubs (one with a waterfall), a cafe, a post office, a barber, a beauty shop, a massage therapist, a store, game rooms, card rooms, library, dancing, bingo, church services, craft room, hiking, etc. We have stayed there for 8 winters.

@cardinal414, RV LIFE Campgrounds

With over 1,000 sites, there’s plenty of availability even during snowbird season. RV sites range from $23 to $40 per night for full hookups, you have access to an endless number of events onsite. The park has wi-fi, hiking trails, two heated swimming pool choices, and live entertainment during winter. 

Campers’ tips recommend this park for longer stays. It is great if you prefer isolation and quiet because there is not a lot to do in the area other than OHV riding or hiking, and the sites are big with great views.

Mountain Valley Resort, Heber City, UT

Mountain Valley RV Resort (Image: @JDMH_Family, RV LIFE Campgrounds)
Mountain Valley RV Resort (Image: @JDMH_Family, RV LIFE Campgrounds)

Mountain Valley RV Resort is another favorite childfree resort with a 4.5-star rating with over 250 reviews.  There are 104 sites to choose from, including an ‘over 21’ section for adults only.

Love they split the park into family and adults only.

@wjohnson913, RV LIFE Campgrounds

Tips from campers let you know the sites are very large with concrete pads and all pull-throughs.  The resort is gated, there are multiple heated pool and hot tub choices on site, group fire rings, a rustic cabin section for non-RVing guests, and downtown is an easy five minute bike ride away.


Here are a few ideas for campgrounds specifically for RVers age 55 or older.  These campgrounds all have lots of reviews with RV LIFE Campgrounds, and are ranked high by members.

Monte Vista RV Resort, Mesa, AZ

Mesa’s Monte Vista has 237 sites with concrete pads and a patio area with your site. The campground provides a lot of activities onsite like pools, tennis, and pickleball. Campers provide tips that the campground is within walking distance to local shopping and is very close to the local state park and mountains.

Encore Tropic Winds RV Resort, Harlingen, TX

Over in Texas, Encore Tropic Winds RV Resort has a 4.5-star rating with over 60 reviews from members.  

More amenities and activities than u can shake a stick at.

@William_Tell46, RV LIFE Campgrounds

You have 531 sites and amenities like wifi, a dog park, fitness center, and pickleball make it a great choice for short and long term stays. Campers unanimously report there is everything you need while staying at this campground and the people are great.  

Dundee Hills Resort, Dundee, OR

Dundee Hills Resort is on the cozier side with 54 sites and coming out of the gate strong with five stars on their first set of reviews. This resort is close to town and campers recommend it as a base for trying great wine in the Oregon wine region.  All sites have rows of trees and are extremely clean and ready for guests. Management does have a 10-year RV rule for incoming guests.

What will your adults only RV trip look like?

Maybe you’ll choose a 55+ resort or luxury RV resorts with special adults only campsite sections, activities, and special events. Or, maybe you want to book reservations in the off-season, so it is quieter and less traffic. No matter what type of no kids experience you choose, I hope you find the adventure you are looking for.

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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