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55 and Rolling On: The Senior RVer’s Guide to Social Adventure

Published on February 29th, 2024 by Erik Anderson

Senior RVers used to make up the majority of adults who have fun in this lifestyle. And although the under age 55 segment of RV owners is growing, those of us maturing past the double-nickels are rolling on and more adventurous than ever!

Baby boomer and next-gen adventurers continue purchasing or upgrading RVs, grabbing their senior pass discount cards, and taking to the road. We are couples, solo travelers, and caravanning friends who love RV travel.

Older RV couples enjoy many social connections (Image: Shutterstock)
Older RV couples enjoy many social connections (Image: Shutterstock)

55 is Just Getting Started for Most of Us

The newfound freedom of retirement, or an emergent work-from-the-road opportunity, is spurring many senior RVers to travel more. Spending months on the road is often a dream come true, and full-time RV traveling has captured many a boomer’s zest for wanderlust and exploration.

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But, what about senior RVers’ desire for community, especially if you are new to the RV lifestyle? Many want friendships, social interaction, and making lasting connections while RVing. Let’s explore the many resources for “people-connecting” available to 55-and-over RVers.

RV Groups Foster Connections

From large national RVing organizations to small local community groups, senior RVers can find a plethora of interesting and fun activities everywhere. Organizations, clubs, and groups offer a wide range of ways to meet people. They hold events such as national rallies, conventions and convergences, smaller local meet ups, online forums, and more. These happenings can be centered around the general RVing community, RV makes and models, special interests, locations, or RVer demographics.

Joining RVing-focused groups provides many social and relationship benefits

  • Staving off loneliness and isolation.
  • Creating enduring friendships.
  • Gaining a sense of building community and inclusion.
  • Enhancing safety and security while traveling.
  • Sharing exciting experiences with like-minded RVers.
  • Finding new hobbies and interests.
  • Discovering new places.

Do you want the ability to connect with large groups and participate in major RVing activities around the country? Well then, established RV organizations like Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) and the Escapees RV Club are your ticket! Let’s look at each.

FMCA: What it Offers All Ages of RVers, Seniors Included

FMCA is a long-standing National and International RVing organization boasting over 150,000 members. And don’t let their name with the term “motor coach” fool you. They are open for membership to RVers with all types of RVs, not just motorhome owners. The rig just has to be a self-contained wheeled recreational camping vehicle…from camper vans to travel trailers, fifth wheels to truck campers, class B motorhomes to big 45-foot diesel pusher buses and more!

FMCA offers spectacular events throughout the year in various parts of the country. They host bi-annual international conventions that attract thousands of like-minded RVers with amazing educational and social opportunities.

There are also numerous FMCA RV rallies held in different regions, as well as FMCA chapters that hold their own local rallies and get-togethers. Senior RVers can also make great personal connections among FMCA’s online forums and social media group.

Escapees RV Club: another well-established iconic RVing group.

Join over 70,000 members and dozens of local chapters across the nation. The Texas-based Escapees offers membership to all types of RVers…full-timers, part timers, weekenders, some-timers, etc. One of Escapees’ biggest events is their annual “Escapade” gathering, offering fantastic social interaction, educational programs, and just downright fun! They also coordinate fun group trips and events called “Head Out Programs” (HOP) to places like Mexico and Alaska, and “Hang Outs” in destinations around North America.

A unique aspect of Escapees RV Club, one that appeals to senior RVers wishing to connect over their passions and hobbies, is the “Birds of a Feather” (BoF) groups. Escapees BoF groups, which are member-created and run, range from Boomers, Jeepers, Bird Watching and Photography, Knitters and Stitchers, Solos, and over 30 other special interest group titles!

Other organizations that offer senior RVers opportunities to make connections include:

  • RV LIFE & RV LIFE Communities– Over 30 RVing forums for networking with fellow RVers.
  • Good Sam Club – Offering rallies, local chapters and events nationally, and of course discounts for campsites, roadside assistance plans, RV insurance coverage, and more.
  • Xscapers – A subset of the Escapees RV Club focused on RVers working remotely from their rigs while traveling. Popular events and convergences are held several times a year.
  • Family Campers and RVers – 75 year-old non-profit offering organized campouts with chapters across the U.S. and Canada.
  • RVing Women – An international community of women who RV-travel independently. Chapters host local rallies and events.
  • Wandering Individuals Network RV Club (WIN) – Since 1988, for anyone traveling on their own, from camper vans to big diesel pushers. Organizing great RVing trips for members.
  • Sisters on The Fly (SOTF) – An awesome organization for women that creates community and connections. Organized events locally, regionally, and nationally.
  • Fantasy RV Tours and Adventure Caravans are two commercial companies providing turn-key, well-planned group RVing tours.

RV Parks and Resorts: Don’t miss out on fun activities and events for guests.

Many snowbird destinations in warm winter states like Florida, Arizona and Southern California have all sorts of amenities that make it easy to enjoy activities where you can meet fellow RVers, have fun, and create new friendships. The RV Life Campgrounds tool can help you find them! Here’s just a sampling of the fun that awaits you:

  • Potluck dinners
  • Bon fires
  • Bingo and other games
  • Arts & craft demonstrations
  • Musical events & movie nights
  • Holiday RV decorating
  • Pickleball, shuffle board, and corn hole tournaments
What about senior RV dating?

Cyber Connections for RVing Seniors

Okay, sure, online and social media platforms can be a double-edged sword. At once providing incredibly helpful information, resources, and social connections, yet also a minefield of drama with a capital “D.” Personally, I’ve always believed that social media “is what you make it.” Choose your platforms, groups and virtual friends wisely, think carefully and rationally before you type, don’t get caught up with the drama-seekers, and stay safe.

Why should senior RVers connect online?

Because the opportunities are endless for meeting wonderful fellow RVers, enjoying fantastic real life social events, and experiencing amazing destinations! Here are but a fraction of online forums and groups you might want to join (there are hundreds more!):

Social Media Groups for Senior RVers

  • RV Life
  • RVs & Camping – On the Road with FMCA
  • SKPs – Escapees RV Club
  • RV’ers 50 and Over – 102k members
  • 50 & Over RV’ers – 96k members
  • RVing Over 60
  • 60 and Over RV’ers
  • RVing Over 70
  • RVing Over 80
  • Fulltime RV’ers and Dreamers 50+
  • Many RV Make and Model-specific groups

Online Forums to Meet Other 55+ RVers

  • iRV2 Forums
  • RV Lifestyle Community Network
  • Escapees Discussion Forums
  • Good Sam Club Forums
  • Vintage RV Forums
  • RV Make & Model-Specific Forums

Finally, another handy resource for community on the road is Meetup is a social media platform for hosting and organizing in-person and virtual activities, gatherings, and events for people of similar interests, hobbies, and professions. You can search in the geographic areas you’re visiting for fun activities aligned with your own interests. 

Consider Volunteering for Community and Friendship

Erik Anderson full-time RVer and camp host volunteer (Image: Erik Anderson)
Camp hosting as a full-time RVer (Image: Erik Anderson)

Want another good way to make social connections, and feel good doing it by helping others while you enjoy RV travel? Senior RVers make great volunteers and so can you!

From volunteering for disaster relief, campground hosting, and helping charitable groups, to helping build and repair homes that provide affordable housing, senior RVers can experience a unique sense of community and fulfillment by volunteering around America.

Some organizations offering volunteer opportunities.

These charities can be a perfect fit for part-time and full-time RVers:

Where Do You Fit In? A Guide to Choosing Your RV Community

So, you see, there are many options for groups and communities that make good sense for senior RVers. But, which ones are the best fit for you?

  • Do a little research and experimentation. You can start by doing some Google searches for others’ reviews on the best RV clubs, associations, and groups. For online forums and groups, you can get a feel for them from their descriptions, viewing posts and comments in public groups.
  • Consider joining private groups for a “test period.” Once joined, a few days of scrolling through posts can give you a good feel for groups and whether or not they are right for you.
  • Ask around. Other RVers can be a wealth of suggestions for groups, clubs, and activities that they enjoy and you might, too.
  • Participate in an event or two. Sign up for an RVing conference (fees are usually nominal, and on-site parking is usually available). Join an RV rally. This will let you quickly size up the people and vibe. If it all feels good and fun, you’re in the right place. If it doesn’t, look for communities of RVers that better match your style and passions.

It’s okay to move on from any RVing group that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, included, safe, or happy.

How to Make Your RVing Social Connections Count

So, as a senior RVer you’ve found some RVing organizations, groups, and online communities that you’ve joined and like. What’s next?

The key is being active in your new community.

You’re never too old to RV, or to put yourself out there. Attend RVing events, get-togethers, and meet ups. Volunteer on committees. Contribute original thoughts and suggestions to online group conversations. Share your own RVing experiences and offer helpful troubleshooting solutions. Ask questions. Bring a dish to that potluck supper! “You get what you give,” so give to your new networks. Your RV is a lifetime pass to new friendships, so participate and watch your sense of community and belonging blossom!

Now, get out there and have fun in your RV Life!

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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