Friday , September 22 2017
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An RVer’s essential toolbox

Red toolbox full of hand tools

Things break, and while fixing them isn’t usually too difficult, some tools are required. This means it is only sensible to always keep these types of tools on hand.

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The best of Las Cruces, N.M.


(Dec. 6, 2016) -- My winter home of Las Cruces, N.M., has something of interest for all types of travelers. I have pulled together my top five favorite tourist attractions that I visit frequently.

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Start full-time RVing in four easy steps

RVIA - Class C interior

Hitting the road full-time doesn't happen by accident. In fact, there is a lot of research, planning and number crunching that comes before launching the big adventure and even more to successfully keep it going.

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A few things we would rather forget

America's loneliest highway -- not the best stop for an RV problem.

(Nov. 28, 2016) -- What follows are a few of those interesting little mishaps – speed bumps if you will - that will eventually come along for most of us if we stay at it long enough. Looking back it was all fun, at least that’s the way we see it.

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Working at Jellystone: Top 5 questions answered


Work camping at Jellystone was a blast and great bonding experience for our family. Antwon and I worked opposite shifts most days, which allowed us to homeschool the children. But, on some days, we all showed up to work at 8 a.m., and those were the most fun and the most enjoyable.

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Only an angry face


Other than driving, can you think of any other human activity wherein law and logic are so openly defied – regard for life and limb are so utterly ignored – and wherein otherwise rational individuals so readily accept suicidal behavior as the norm?

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Boondocking with kids


Boondocking takes on a whole new meaning when kids are involved. They tend to like to leave lights on, charge their tablets and ask for the air conditioner when it gets hot. They're so used to power and water being available on demand in basically an unlimited supply.

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Family members to the rescue


As family members our roles include helping each other, supporting each other and having fun together. Even though we may face problems on the road, we know our family members will help us over the bumps we encounter.

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Goodbye my dear, I’m returning to the 1950s

1950s couple

When I’m stuck on the best way to phrase something or other, or just waiting for that illusive inspiration to knock, I kick back and most often my gaze wanders to that Jim Berry work with which I identify so thoroughly. “Goodbye, my dear, I am returning to the fifties.”

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Things we hate about full-time RVing


Along with these amazing times, there are definitely parts of this lifestyle that are not so great. We like to be open and honest about this so anyone dreaming of traveling full time can get the complete picture. It's not all sunshine and rainbows as my wife likes to say.

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Roughing it in Virginia


Life is what you make of it. Just as Norm and I were very content in our RV for 18 months, our friends are content and thriving on their mountain top in Virginia. It is not how I would choose to live, but roughing it in Virginia appears to work for them.

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