Removing Moldy Diamond Shield From An RV

We all have to do lists, right? And sometimes those to-do lists get neglected just a bit.​ Am I right? Well, sitting atop my to-do list since we bought our RV was getting the dirty, ugly, nasty-looking Diamond Shield off the front of the RV. Diamond Shield sounds great, right?​ Sounds almost bullet proof.​ Well the point of it is to […]

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The Complete Guide To RV Fire Extinguishers

​The most important weapon you have to fight an RV fire is, of course, your trusty fire extinguisher, and everybody who is traveling in the coach should know how and when best to use them. Ideal locations to keep them are in the galley, the bedroom and outside in an unlocked compartment.​ But owning a fire extinguisher […]

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