Good Sam Rx Saver Discount Prescription Card Saves Members Money

​Building on its commitment to provide maximum value and savings to its members, Good Sam, the world’s leading provider of products and services for the RV and outdoor recreation consumer, announces it has launched the Good Sam Rx Saver Discount Prescription Card program.

Th​e Good Sam Rx Saver Program helps members save up to 65 percent on each prescription filled and overall savings of up to 40 percent annually on medications at 59,000 pharmacies nationwide including most national chains and many independents.​

There are NO enrollment forms, NO membership fees, NO pre-existing exclusions, and NO privacy issues.

NO personal information is required or collected to get your Good Sam Rx Saver Discount Prescription Card and/or use our Pharmacy Locator and Drug Pricing tools.

You can use the Good Sam Free Discount Prescription Card as often as you like whether you have insurance or not.

There are no restrictions and no limits on how many times you may use your Free Discount Prescription Card.

Good Sam Rx Saver program is NOT insurance and is NOT intended to replace insurance.

Good Sam Rx Saver program features include:

  • ​NO deductibles
  • ​NO membership fees
  • ​NO waiting period
  • ​NO pre-existing exclusions
  • ​EVERYONE qualifies

Th​ese benefits ​are available to all Good Sam Club members, both current and new members.

If you do not yet have a card, print your card.

You may cut it out or simply take the entire page with you.

Take your card to your preferred pharmacy.

In most cases, your current pharmacy will be part of the network. If they are not, you may ask them to join the network or select another pharmacy using the convenient pharmacy locator tool.

Present your card when you order your new prescription or request a transfer of an existing prescription.

The card includes all of the information that your pharmacist needs to give you your discount. If the pharmacist has any problems in connection with the card, ask them to call the phone number on the card so that you may receive your discount.

What ​if I lose my card?

If you go back to a pharmacy where you have already used your discount prescription card, your card information will be maintained in their system and you will continue to receive savings.

If you are going to a new pharmacy, simply print a new card to present with your prescription at your pharmacy.

Tips for saving on prescriptions

  1. Us the Good Sam Rx Saver Discount Prescription Card
  2. ​Ask for Generic
  3. Shop Around
  4. Consider Good Sam Rx Saver Mail-Order Services and fill maintenance medications once every three months

Good Sam Rx Saver Discount Prescription Card Program

Simply visit the Good Sam Saver website (SEE link below), print your discount card, and present at any participating retail pharmacies (most national chains and many independents).

Use the exclusive Pharmacy Locator and Discount Drug Pricing tools for more information about pricing and pharmacies near you.

Savings are available on both brand and generic prescriptions.

If your medication is not listed in the drug pricing lookup or has no price shown, check with your local pharmacy for current pricing or phone (888) 479-2000 (Option # 5) for even lower pricing and free home delivery.

Some diabetic, inhaler, blister pack, unit dose, liquids, injectables, and cream prescription drugs may not be listed in the drug pricing lookup even though a discount may be available.

  • Updated December 3, 2019
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