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The Year-Round Travel Trailers Voted #1 by Readers

Published on October 6th, 2022

Shopping for a high quality, four season RV? Take a look at the top year-round travel trailers chosen by Let’s RV readers. Keep reading to find out why so many polled believe these 4-season trailers are worth the money.

What Makes Year-Round Travel Trailers Worth the Money?

You may recall in our last story, “What’s the Best 4 Season Travel Trailer,” that there is no RV industry standard definition of a “four season RV.” Anyone can say they make a year-round travel trailer! But there are some commonalities you’ll find in all of the most rugged winter rigs, including:

  • above average insulation on ceiling and walls
  • heated and enclosed undercarriage
  • dual pane windows
  • high BTU furnace with floor or wall ducting
  • expandable pex pipe plumbing

Look for phrases like “Extreme Cold” or “Arctic” package. These are offered as add-ons when you buy a trailer from a company that claims to make year-round travel trailers. None of these catch phrases guarantee you’ll be 100% protected against bad weather, of coures. But paying the extra money for these packages raises the odds that you’ll be more comfortable.

Winner of Let’s RV Readers Poll: ORV Trailers. (Image: ORV)

The All-Weather Travel Trailers RVers Love Most: ORV

Now let’s look at the favorite all-weather travel trailers, as chosen by Let’s RV readers.

The Outdoors RV (ORV) company is based in La Grande, Oregon. Their RV floorplans have something for every kind of RV camping style. The ORV line-up includes small camper trailers with dry weights under 6,000 pounds. And they also cover the needs of RVers who want more space. ORV makes larger trailers and fifth wheels with multiple slide-outs, on-board generators, and dry weights over 8,000 pounds.

As of 2022, ORV makes four travel trailers, one fifth wheel and one toy hauler rolling off their assembly line. All have different floor plans, but are made with the same durable materials. It’s the amenities included with each RV that sets them apart. Their trailers are divided into distinct “camping style” packages.

The ORV Mountain Series

ORV’s Mountain Series package is for RVers who camp in a variety of settings, from dry camping in the desert to plugging in at RV resorts. Mountain Series ORV trailers include the Timber Ridge, Blackstone, Glacier Peak, and Creek Side.

The ORV Titanium Series

The Titanium Series is geared toward people who want premium styling and exterior trim comparable to what’s on their tow vehicle. Like the Mountain series, Titanium options are also available for the Timber Ridge, Blackstone, Glacier Peak, and Creek Side models.

More about the ORV Creekside, Timber Ridge, Blackstone, and Glacier Peak Towables

  • The Creek Side trailers are smallest. They have dry weights under 6,000 pounds. Floor lengths are 19 to 21 feet.
  • Timber Ridge Series is the mid-sized bumper pull. They come in dry weights from 6,000 to 7750 pounds. Their floor lengths are 22 to 28 feet.
  • The Blackstone Series is the largest of the ORV bumper pull trailers. They come in dry weights over 7,000 pounds. And floor lengths are 26 to 31 feet.
  • Finally, ORV’s Glacier Peak Series fifth wheels are made with dry weights over 9,000 pounds. Floor lengths are 27 to 31 feet.
  • All of these models come with either the Mountain or Titanium Series packages.

The ORV Backcountry Mtn Trx

Do you prefer to only go boondocking? The Mtn Trx 4-season trailers are for RVers who mainly stick to serious backcountry, off-grid camping. They come with slides for maximum comfort. Their first of two Mtn Trx trailers includes the Backcountry lineup.

The ORV Trail Series

These off-road year-round travel trailers are as rugged as the Backcountry Mtn Trx models. The just don’t have slides. This gives campers extra storage space for outdoor toys. They even come with patio decks for enjoying your off-grid campsite.

Curious About ORV? Talk to their Owners

In the iRV2 Outdoors RV Owner’s Forum, you’ll find plenty of great discussions about why ORV owners love these year-round travel trailers. It’s a great resource if you’re shopping for a four-season trailer. Ask ORV fans and they’ll not only tell you why they love these bumper pull trailers, they’ll show you.

Image: @CO-Bikeman, iRV2 Forums Member

36 miles of washboarded dirt road. 40 miles back out. But it doesn’t get better than this.

@CO-Bikeman, This is Why We Bought an Outdoors

Are you a fan of ORV year-round trailers? We’d love to hear about your experience with these 4-season rigs.

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