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the 10 year rule

It's not just for RV parks anymore.

got a classic RV? 

You might already know about the 10-year rule at RV parks. It's when older RVs are banned from a park, or must pass inspection to get in. 

Many RV shops have the rule too.

All RV makes and models are affected, even luxury rigs.

The rule is showing up in weird ways.

Some shops won't work on rigs older than 1 year If you didn't buy it there, they won't work on it If you did buy it there, if it's +10 years, they still won't touch it.

Reasons why older rigs get shut out:

not enough RV technicians to do the jobs

new RVs are built with shoddy components

Replacement parts for old RVs are tough to get

What can you do?

RV service centers and customers are stuck in the crossfire

If you have an older RV:

Look for smaller, independent RV mechanics. Be your own RV technician Learn essential RV maintenance Talk to other RVers to get help with common problems

Resources to be your own RV mechanic: