What you need to know about

RVing with Firearms

by Lucinda Belden

Do you love hunting, target shooting, or just want to protect yourself with a firearm? 

If so, knowing the law is  essential.  Let's review the basics. 

There is a federal law that protects you while carrying firearms in the RV.

Is your RV a home or a vehicle?

The law considers your RV a vehicle.

You're just passing through a restrictive state.

The Peaceable Journey Law

You are protected in many situations, like:

You can legally own a firearm

Gun and ammo are stowed.

If you fall under the "just passing through" clause, you may need to prove it in some cases.

Are you legal while full-time RVing with firearms?

It gets tricky when you are not just passing through.

The internet is full of misinformation about gun laws, camping, and RVing. Legit government-owned gun law websites are the best resources to help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

State gun laws

U.S. Forest Service gun laws

National Park & U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service gun laws




Gun laws RVers need to know:

gun target

Follow state gun laws at your park or refuge to stay legal.


Camping at a National Park or U.S. Fish &  Wildlife Service Refuge?

If you're doing it, follow the state gun laws at your location to stay legal.


What about carrying concealed weapons in U.S. National Forests?

The problem is that different states have different gun laws. 


State laws about transporting guns can impact your travels, too.

For example:

Certain states require firearms permits for gun owners.

Other states require gun transport in lock boxes.

Some states require firearms in moving vehicles to be unloaded.

Carry copies of your firearms certifications, ownership registrations and other related gun-ownership paperwork.

Tips to Help You Stay Legal


Keep all weapons unloaded, in a locked container far from the driver when the RV is moving.

Tips to Help You Stay Legal


Store ammo as far away from weapons as possible.

Tips to Help You Stay Legal


Get more tips about RVing with firearms

Get more tips about RVing with firearms