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How to Stop RV Thieves

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How not to be a victom of RV crime and what to do to get your RV back from thieves.

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Don't Be Complacent

Motorhome, trailer, campervan and truck camper owners should all take steps to avoid RV theft in all places. Even campsites can be risky!


Parking Lots


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RV Crime Statisics Vary

But the 10 most stolen vehicles in 2021 were  tow vehicles:

Stats by:

Chevy Full Size Pick-up

Ford Full Size Pick-up

GMC Full Size Pick-up

If they can take your truck, they can take your trailer (or motorhome) just as easily. Here's how to keep yours from getting stolen.


Make your RV hard to roll away.

Keep leveling jacks down.

Extended jacks make it harder for would-be crooks to pull away with your camper.

Other trailer theft prevention ideas include:

Applying a wheel clamp for long-term parking.

Using a hitch lock wherever you unhitch.


Be smart about long-term storage locations

Use motion lights, alarms, & video cameras as deterrents.

Don't choose a storage spot based on price alone.

If you have a GPS tracker installed, you get real-time location data on your RV.

What if your RV gets stolen and disappears?

BUT, not all GPS trackers are alike


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