Are You Covered?

How to find great RV insurance

How to find great RV insurance

by Chelsea Gonzales

Get great tips for part-time and full-time RV insurance coverage

When seeking coverage, the goal is to be fully covered.  You also don’t want to spend a ton of money unnecessarily

How you will use your RV helps shape your insurance coverage.

If you are new to RVing, ask yourself the following:

Will you only use your RV on weekends or  on vacations?

Or do you dream of full-time RVing?

Will you park it in an RV lot you own? Or always be on the move?

Part-time RVers versus Full-time RVers:

The needs of each group are different. Full-timers need more coverage.

Your RV use determines everything about your coverage.

When shopping, don't omit anything about how you will use the RV. If you do, your policy could be voided.

RV insurance is about more than price.

Ask about optional coverages for better protection.

(Extra property coverage is essential for full-time RVers)

If your RV is destroyed in a wreck, records are the only evidence of what was in or on it.

Keeping good RV records matters, just in case.

Photos of your RV that are at least 6 months old

Examples of good records:

Receipts for upgrades & mods you made

Maintenance records

Pro Tip: