by Dave helgeson

So You Think You Know All About RV Safety?

Take this quiz to find out if you really do!

How often should you conduct a pre-trip safety check on your RV?

Always! Every trip should begin with a full RV safety check.

Most of us don't take the time for safety inspections before every trip.

It's not exciting, but an RV safety check can save life and property.

Why should you consider installing a TMPS for your RV?

To remotely monitor tire pressure and receive alerts about potential issues in transit.

Everything rides on the condition of your wheels and brakes.

Inadequate RV brakes can lead to a runaway vehicle on long downgrades.

Why is servicing wheel bearings crucial?

Skipping regular servicing can cause lack of lubrication, leading to loss of a wheel or axle damage.

Got a towable? Check your breakaway switch.

This switch activates brakes on your RV if it separates from your tow vehicle. Often this happens because of hitch failure or operator error.

How do you test the breakaway switch on towable RVs?

Pull the pin out of the breakaway switch. Try to pull your trailer forward. If the pin is working, the tires should not roll

Working LP gas, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors keep you safe on or off the road.

They also alert the driver and passengers of a motorhome to potential danger when traveling down the highway.

Where should you never store propane in an RV?

Inside the living portion. Always store them in a vented exterior compartment or open bed.

The easiest way to tell if your RV is leaking propane:

Perform a Drop Test to confirm the LP gas system is free of leaks. Do this once a year or so.

What should the tongue weight of a towable RV always be relative to its total weight?

Between 10-15% of the total weight of the RV.

Overloaded RVs can be deadly. What does yours weigh?

Weigh your RV free at unstaffed weigh stations along major highways. Oftentimes, those scales are still working.

Why is proper weight distribution crucial for RV safety?

It prevents poor handling, suspension failure, and accidents.

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