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Crossing the Canadian or US Border in  an RV

Crossing the Canadian or US Border in  an RV

COVID-19 border restrictions between Canada and the US have been lifted as of 12/22.

Here are basic border crossing tips for Canadian and American RVers visiting either country.

But other documents are needed for people & pets.

You won't need a  COVID test, proof of vaccine, or quarantine to visit Canada or the US.

Are you an American visiting Canada?

It's the fastest, hassle-free ticket into Canada for people of all ages.

Get a Passport

No US Passport?

Other acceptable IDs include: NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST Enhanced Drivers License, Military ID, or Tribal ID

Are you a Canadian visiting the US?

A Canadian passport is still your best bet. You may also use: Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) or ID Card (EIC), or NEXUS, SENTRI, or FAST card

What  documents do all Canadian and US kids and pets need to cross the border in an RV without hassles?

American kids under 15 traveling into Canada need:

A passport OR birth certificate (original copy), OR Consular Report of Birth Abroad, OR Naturalization Certificate

Canadian kids under 16 traveling into the US need:

A passport or birth certificate or other proof of citizenship. 

What about American pets traveling into Canada?

Personal pet dogs and cats need a valid rabies vaccination certificate. Proof of ownership is also required.

Can Canadian pets go into the States?

A rabies vaccination certificate is NOT required (if your dog has not been in a high-risk rabies country).

Other helpful documents for Canada and US residents include:

● Vehicle registrations ● Trip itinerary ● List of any weapons ● Pet & human food ● Alcohol on board

Americans RVing with firearms, take note:

A Firearms Declaration Form must be signed in front of a border officer.  Some firearms are prohibited.

Bonus Tip for Canadians and Americans:

Exchange your currency when you cross. It costs a bit more, but saves time and hassle.

More Tips for Canada and USA RVing

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