Here's 3 Tips to Prevent RV Blackwater Tank Problems

Learn to love your RV toilet:

Do you avoid using  your RV toilet? 

Many RVers only use campground restrooms. In their quest to prevent blackwater tank problems, they sacrifice convenience.

It doesn't have to be  this way.

Let's review a few ways  to do this.

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There's lots you can do to keep your RV blackwater tank unclogged, clean, and ready when nature calls. 


Only use RV-friendly TP

As long as your RV toilet paper is single-ply, you're good to go.


Don't flush unusual items.

The only things that should go down are human waste, single-ply TP, and RV holding tank treatments.



Rinse your RV blackwater tank often.

Use your RV's blackwater tank rinse feature to prevent buildup inside.

And Remember

RV blackwater tanks are not "septic" tanks. Solids stay solid. 

A 5-second flush keeps waste moving around, and easy to remove at the dump station.

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