The Moochdocking Guide to Free RV Parking

The Moochdocking Guide to Free RV Parking

by Chelsea Gonzalez

How to do it right and save on camping costs.

What is Moochdocking?

Why would you choose it?  How do you go about it?  And what are the etiquette rules associated with it?

What is the definition of "moochdocking"?

To mooch off of somebody by boondocking on their property.

It's a mashup of 'mooch' and 'boondocking."

It's one way to save money camping and have fun doing it.

Cutt your camping costs to zero! Moochdocking is your secret weapon for budget-friendly exploration.

Some moochdocking benefits:

Stay closer to attractions.

Strengthen bonds with friends and family.

Save money!

Here's how to enjoy moochdocking without looking like a moocher.

Don't be a true “mooch” who will never be invited back.

Got friends or family with property, or a long driveway?


if they can host you for a few days, offer something in return like cash, a meal, or even babysitting.

RV Clubs with moochdocking benefits:

Harvest Hosts

Boondocker's Welcome


These RV clubs can help you find awesome moochdocking campsites.

Yellow Location Pin
Yellow Location Pin

of Moochdocking

Let's brush up on moochdocking manners. We all want to be great guests, and get invited back, right?


Always Respect Your Host's Property

Respecting space means not littering, asking if it's OK to use utilities, and parking where you're told.

Clean Up After Yourself

Never dump your tanks on the ground. Take all of your trash with you (unless you’re given permission to use the dumpster.

Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

Agree on an amount of time you will stay, and stick to it. Asking to stay longer, or extending without asking—is a good way to upset your hosts.

Moochdocking lets you explore new places without breaking the bank.

The relationships you’ll build along the way are a bonus!

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