what's better?

Gas or Diesel RV?

by Lucinda Belden


How will you drive and use your RV?

Instead, ask yourself the following 3 questions:

Will your RV haul or tow extra toys or vehicles?


How many miles do you do expect to drive each year?

Will you travel long distances or just take short trips?

Consider where you want to go, how often, and how you will drive getting there. These are things that should influence the type of RV engine you choose.

Gasoline RVs may be a better choice for occasional use, like weekend getaways..

Diesel RVs are better for high mileage trips and constant use, like for full-time RVing.

Bottom line: There is no such thing as a perfect RV! Everything is a compromise. You just have to prioritize your objectives.

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where will your rv take you?

As realtors say, it's all about "Location! Location! Location!"

Will you mainly visit mountain towns and campgrounds?


Do you like to get from Point A to B as fast as possible?

Or is cruising along backroads how you roll?

driving habits also impact costs

Make lots of starts and stops? Drive over the speed limit?  You'll burn more fuel and pay more at the pump.

pay now or pay later

Diesel engines have better fuel economy, but you'll pay more upfront for that savings.

Diesel will get you to the top of the mountain faster and more comfortable. The gas will get you to the top of the mountain, but not as fast. When you pull into the parking spot, there is no difference.


when will your rv take you there?

Will you be a part-time RVer? Fuel costs are affected by seasons, holidays, and fuel shortages.

There are total package tradeoffs with either, and what you end up with will be a product of all the things important to your motorhome vision.

the winner of gas vs. diesel debate is ...

Neither! Mileage, destination, length of ownership, and  maintenance are greater influences than fuel type.