The Best  RV Internet Options

The Best  RV Internet Options

(in 2023)

by Chelsea Gonzales

Wondering how to stay connected to the internet wherever you go RVing?

In 2023, RVers have more internet connectivity options than ever!

But, RV internet is not a one-size-fits-all thing.

Everyone has different RV internet needs.

Ask yourself this question before deciding how you'll get online.

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What's my main internet use?

To work?


Video calls?

Just emails and bill paying?

All of the above?

What you need to get out of an RV internet connection impacts the type of options that can work for you.

main ways to get online

As of 2023, these are the 3 main ways RVers can connect to the internet from the road.


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Cellular broadband service

Coverage is not ubiquitious

Data limits are common

Smartphones can be used as a hotspot to connect

It's easy to use

The Pros:

The Cons:

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Satellite internet

Good for working online

Get online almost anywhere

The Pros:

Trees and bad weather impact signal

The Cons:

Equipment is more costly and bulky

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Free wi-fi networks

No monthly bill

Costs practically nothing

The Pros:

Signal isn't guaranteed

The Cons:

Weak security exposes you to hacking risks

If your job, family, or other needs require internet connectivity, a back-up connection is critical.

Have two ways to get online at all times.

Redundancy is key

Using cellular broadband? Consider adding a router

Routers help manage multiple users on one connection.  They also amplify the signal. Some instantly find the strongest nearby connection.

A cellular booster is a good add-0n

This device pulls in a stronger signal, ensuring you always have the best connection possible.

Wi-Fi repeaters are great too.

Relying on free Wi-Fi?

Then you can use the connection from the comfort of your RV.

Repeaters pull in free Wi-Fi signals and amplify them.

Get more RV internet tips

Get more RV internet tips

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