Lippert Waste Master RV Sewer Hose Review

waste master sewer hose

Using the Waste Master RV sewer hose waste management system has completely simplified dumping your tanks.

Traditional sewer hoses are messy and unreliable.

Unlike your old sewer hose that is required to twist on and off your empty valve, the Lippert Waste Master sewer hose is permanently attached to your RVs drain outlet, using a special CAM lock connector, which helps contain sewage and ensures a leak free dumping experience.

Lippert has done an excellent job putting together the strongest hose on the market. The Waste Master hose was designed to withstand the normal wear and tear that comes with RVing; dragging it along the ground shouldn't tear it.

One of my favorite features of the Waste Master hose is it's "anti clump" design.

The interior of the hose is much smoother than what you would find in your old sewer hose, which means that there are less places for your waste to get trapped.

Storing the hose is easy and clean.

Lippert's Waste Master design allows for it to be tightly compressed, reducing the size from a large 20 foot hose down to an easily storable 5 foot hose - no more gross storage bins!

The Waste Master sewer hose nozzle is a sight to be seen!

Lippert created the hose with a permanent heavy duty nozzle the tends to fit seamlessly into most dump stations.

The nozzle has a "hands off" exit point - meaning that rather than handling the head, you're handling a valve and handle.

Simply open and close the valve to control the flow of waste.

An interesting feature that the Drain Master boasts is the electronic drain valve.

You no longer have to pull levelers.

The hose, which is permanently attached to your drain valves, contains a built in release valve for both the grey and black tanks.

Both of which are opened and closed with the push of a button.

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