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3 Summer RV Trip Planning Tips for Procrastinators

Published on July 14th, 2022 by Rene Agredano

If you put off summer RV trip planning, don’t panic. Record high gas and diesel prices aren’t keeping Americans off the road, but you can still find great places to camp. From family-friendly RV resorts to remote boondocking spots, there’s always a parking place for RVers who go the extra mile. Keep reading for three last minute summer RV tour planning tips.

Tips for Last Minute RV Trip Planning

If you’re just now thinking about where to go RVing in summer, you’re not alone. It’s hard to believe summer is in full swing. Now that it is, you can make the most of RV ownership by planning an RV getaway. But don’t just turn the key and leave. First listen to what road trip experts have to say about last minute camping trip planning.

1. Know Where NOT to Go

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), air travel is at its lowest level since 2011. Road travel has taken its place. More cars on the road means more time to get where you need to go. If you live in or around a large city, you’ve probably noticed travel times are getting longer. In fact, on Independence Day weekend of 2022, AAA predicted the average road trip now takes about 50% longer than usual.

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This summer, do everything you can to stay away from the top five cities with the worst holiday weekend traffic:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. New Nork City
  3. Seattle
  4. Atlanta
  5. Boston

Do you live in or around these areas? Don’t panic if you can’t avoid the top five most congested freeway routes in America. You can still minimize the minutes you sit in traffic by choosing the best times to be driving on those roads. Here’s how to do it.

2. Know When to Go on Your Trip

“Our advice is to avoid traveling on Thursday and Friday afternoon,” says Bob Pishue, a Transportation Analyst quoted in the AAA press release. Whether you drive a truck camper or a big huge custom motorhome, your best bet to avoid summer driving traffic is by using RV Trip Wizard. This indispensable RVing accessory can craft a last minute summer RV trip planning itinerary with ideal driving times and directions.

For example, once you, find a great RV campground at your destination, RV Trip Wizard can create an RV-friendly route that gets around the worst road congestion. As long as the “avoid traffic” setting is turned on, you can get to your stop feeling less frazzled from freeway traffic. And as long as you choose a mid-week arrival and departure time, you’re golden!

remote camping nearcation spots
Choose remote camping spots over resorts.

3. Choose Less Popular Nearcation RV Destinations

With gas and diesel prices at record highs, there’s a new term getting tossed around the travel industry.: the “nearcation.” RV drivers who camp close to home save money on fuel and have more to spend on fun touristy things. The only problem? Everyone wants to take a nearcation right now!

You can also enjoy the benefits of a nearcation without the huge crowds. Some tips for last minute summer RV camping nearcation destinations include:

Look for campgrounds without cellular service. Few people want to give up their phones and internet service. If you’re willing to go offline, you’re more likely to find last minute spots at these less popular destinations.

Go dry camping without hookups. Boondocking is more popular than ever. But a larger percentage of RVers still can’t live without utilities. Scan CampgroundReviews for off-grid public camping facilities like wildlife refugees, city parks, and Army Corps of Engineers facilities.

Stay away from major attractions. Save those family trips to amusement parks and the beach for the slower camping seasons like fall and spring. Ask other RVers for great last minute RV destination ideas. Many are located on the outskirts of small towns. You might find great boondocking spots in agricultural areas. As long as you stay far from popular attractions, you’re likely to find a nice little last minute summer RV getaway.

The year is flying by, and for many of us, summer RV trip planning took a backseat to everyday responsibilities. But that doesn’t mean your RV has to stay parked all season. Be smart about planning your perfect destination with tools like RV Trip Wizard and you can still make the most of the season we’ve all been waiting to enjoy.

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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