Six Great Travel Trailers for Senior Citizens

Did the RVing bug bite after retiring? You’re not alone. Many aging baby boomers are ready to hit the road. Travel trailers can be the most affordable way to get started. Check out these six great travel trailers for senior citizens and get ready to roam.

What Do Great RVs for Seniors Look Like?

Let’s face it: sleeping on the ground in a tent isn’t the easiest or most fun thing to do when you hit a certain age. That’s where RVs can help. RVing in retirement gives you all the comforts of home, but without the hassle of tent camping or expense of hotels.

RVs come in many styles and prices, but travel trailers are the most affordable way for seniors to start RVing. If you have a car or heavy duty truck with the right gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) to haul trailers, you are halfway to the campsites of your dreams.

Not all travel trailers are good for retired couples, however. Some smaller ones are so cramped, you’ll hate life in no time.

Great travel trailer RVs for seniors include features like:

  • Walk-around bed (not a fold-out or Murphy bed)
  • Bathroom that’s plenty large enough for a mobility aid
  • Lightweight enough for easy towing
  • Comfortable, permanent (not fold-out) dining and lounging furniture
  • Sturdy exterior steps
  • Good insultation to keep snowbird RVer seniors warm
  • Quality materials for low maintenance
  • and of course, a fold-out sofa for the grand kids!
Grandpa Ron has plenty of RV advice for seniors

Six 2021 and 2022 Travel Trailers for Retired Seniors

We searched 2021 and 2022 models for easy travel trailers for seniors, and came up with six. These trailers meet different budget needs, and lifestyle requirements. Take a look around. We think you’ll agree that they are among the best RVs for retired couples who want to get started camping.

Travel Lite 24SUR Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

Carry your scooter with this toy hauler travel trailer.

Got a mobility scooter, wheelchair, or other large assistive device you need to carry? This is a travel trailer toy hauler that can do it. Travel Lite RV’s lightest weight toy hauler, the 24SUR boasts a 13-foot garage and is made of 100% composite material and aluminum. The 24SUR has a one-piece fiberglass roof, meaning roof maintenance is much easier than typical EPDM rubber trailer roofs. This coach is half the weight of any model in its class on the market. Another great feature? You can tow with smaller vehicles, so a buying a heavy duty truck isn’t necessary.

Arctic Fox North Fork 25W

One huge reason why the Arctic Fox North Fork 25W travel trailer is among the great RVs for seniors, is the high quality insulation used in production. Northwood is one of the few RV manufacturers that fabricates fully welded, thick-wall aluminum frame travel trailers. This allows them to build RVs with multi-layered substrate walls and high density block foam material. As a result, owners stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Dune Sport Custom Bumper Pull Travel Trailer Toy Haulers

Custom toy haulers don’t need to be huge. This one is 20-feet long.

Got a mobility challenge that other great travel trailers for senior citizens just cannot accommodate? Ask Dune Sport to make a custom travel trailer toy hauler just for you. For people who RV with disabilities, to professional show dog performers, and seniors who want special mobility designs, their team of skilled custom travel trailer and fifth wheel builders can create it. Choose travel trailer sizes as small as 10 feet up to 30 feet long.

Forest River No Boundaries NB19.5 Travel Trailer

Forest River’s rugged bumper pull travel trailers are great for seniors for many reasons. No Boundaries! are exceptionally light weight, versatile travel trailers towable by both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder tow vehicles. You can also get adaptable storage for mobility chairs, e-bikes, and sports equipment. But you’ll also keep a safe dry weight acceptable for a wide range of smaller tow vehicles in the 1500-3500 lb category. The NB19.5 bumper pull trailer is good for seniors because of the solid exterior steps, wide open floor plan, walkaround queen bed, and surprisingly large bathroom with separate shower and toilet.

Jayco Jay Feather 25RB

Senior citizens new to RVing will feel right at home in the Jay Feather 25RB. Jayco trailers are built with lightweight, fiberglass construction. Chose from two interior design concepts, and enjoy stick-house quality fixtures and flooring. What we love best about this model are the two entries, walkaround queen bed, and a wide open bathroom featuring plenty of space for anyone with mobility challenges.

Lance 2465

Lance travel trailer for senior citizens
A perfect travel trailer for RV seniors with grandkids.

Last but not least by a longshot is the Lance 2465 travel trailer. This small RV for seniors packs huge features into a compact design. You’ll love the dual road-side Super-Slides for lots of room, with a front living and comfy stick-house style sectional couch where grandkids can sleep! Enjoy plenty of light or nighttime stargazing through super-sized” SkyView” front window. A 40″ LED TV, king-sized bed with walkaround and electric fireplace adds to the experience.

What’s Your Perfect RV for Retirement?

We would love to hear your thoughts about these travel trailers for senior citizens. Do you hate them? Love them? Share your feedback below.

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Steve - April 7, 2022

No travel trailer is perfect for most seniors. I know from experience that the weight distribution bars are a pain, and painful, to put on and take off for many seniors. That why many of us first switched to fifth wheels when we were still very mobile. When we got less mobile,we switched to a motorhome so that there was nothing to do but hook up the utilities. With our motorhome, we can spend a night dry camping without even getting out of the RV. And a few Class A motorhomes now have a toy hauler garage with a ramp and drop down queen bed. These could easily be used by a senior couple where one is wheelchair bound.

Vic - April 7, 2022

We love our recently purchased Grand Design XLS 23LDE and feel it is the perfect couples trailer under 29 feet.

JohnB - April 7, 2022

We bought a Grand Design 2022 Imagine 2910 BH last year. We love everything about it [ except for below] and looked around for a long time before deciding on the model and manufacturer. One disappointment is where they installed the shutoff valves for water, hot water heater, which you need to know for winterization and sanitizing to unit. You have to pull out a kitchen drawer, get down on hands and knees and try to reach in to get to the valves. HOW STUPID! And not convenient for an older person to do. Please keep this in mind.

    Rene Agredano - April 8, 2022

    Great input John, thank you for sharing that disappointment about the water shutoff. It’s the same for most rigs I believe. There’s got to be a better way right?!

Donald N Wright - April 8, 2022

How about trailers built like an Airstream, low to the ground without big, heavy stairs to climb up, How about a wheelchair lift to a second door ? How about we ditch the computer screen controls and go back to switches, buttons and knobs.

    Rene Agredano - April 9, 2022

    Good points, Donald. We’ll address wheelchair friendly trailers and RVs in another post. Thanks for the idea.

SANDIE BOCK - April 9, 2022

Many new rigs are poorly made, people are finding they are having to return to the dealerships for many repairs of brand new rigs. THAT is a shame and older people want to relax and have some retirement time to enjoy and not spend time having defects on brand new rigs fixed. I personally feel it is harder and harder for older people to hook up a Travel Trailer due to sway bars and equalizer hitches. Some are quite heavy and hard to pull tight to work correctly.

Jill S - April 13, 2022

We have a Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser 19ERD — it’s light weight (dry weight around 3100 lbs) and the great thing about this floor plan is not only does it have a walk-around bed, it also has a bathroom door that will pivot and serve as a door to block off the front of the trailer from the bed area — that way one person can be up before the crack of dawn and make coffee, etc., without disturbing the final sleep hours of the other. Really great floor plan in a small trailer! We bought ours used, just a few years old, so that all the ‘shake-out’ issues would have already been discovered and addressed.

    Rene Agredano - April 14, 2022

    Great info Jill, thank you for sharing. That’s an adorable trailer! We appreciate the user reviews coming in and will be sure to keep an eye on this when we update our list. For anyone interested here’s a link to the Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser 19ERD.

Michel - April 14, 2022

One thing all these floor plans lack is in outdoor visibility! The Outdoors RV 25 RDS is the same size as most of your coaches listed, yet gives you both bedroom, and bathroom privacy. Also, the floor plan is far more convenient with more storage space, and access space to utilities, and their controls. Having lots of visibility from the huge rear window makes this coach a hands down winner all the way around. I was surprised that it didn’t make the list as it’s well made, affordable, and quality built.

    Rene Agredano - April 14, 2022

    Michel, thank you for the info, that IS a nice one! I like it a lot. For anyone interested here’s a link to the Outdoors RV 25 RDS.

Zigman - April 14, 2022

We got GD 22MLE and love the floor plan. It’s a 2021 and my only regret is that the 2022 models comes with solar panels and our do not. I tried to purchase it with a solar package in May 2021, GD stated that they had a hard time get them due to the with supply chain issue. But we know what really happen. It’s ok, we still like the floor plans.

    Rene Agredano - April 14, 2022

    Zigman that’s great input, thank you for sharing. It’s a beautiful rig! Here’s a link to the Grand Design 22MLE for anyone who wants to check it out.

Carol Hubbard - May 5, 2022

After years of research, we’re taking delivery this fall of an Airstream Classic 33. Not only does it have all the bells and whistles to make our soon-to-be full-time life on the road comfortable as can be — but our Classic will hold her value for decades to come … long beyond our lifespan!

Robert Pendergraph - May 21, 2022

I’ve have a 2021 189 bh palomini/ palomino and it’s easy to tow it’s all the trailer we need haven’t had any issues with it

    Rene Agredano - May 21, 2022

    Oooh good lookin’ trailer, Robert. We’ll check those out, thanks for sharing.


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