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5 Last Minute RVer Holiday Gifts (Under $200)

Published on December 15th, 2022 by Rene Agredano

Are you one of the 10 percent of Americans who put off holiday shopping until now? If so, these unique, last minute RVer holiday gifts under $200 are no-brainer choices for the nomads in your life.

According to a 2022 CBS News story, about 10% of 2,000 U.S. shoppers surveyed confessed to waiting until the week before Christmas to shop for friends, family, and loved ones. That means lots of Americans are on the hunt for that perfect present right now! If you’re one of them, here’s a list of last minute RVer holiday gifts (under $200) that are useful, fun, and helpful for every kind of RV enthusiast.

5 Great RVer Holiday Gifts Under $200

Want to show someone you’re thinking of them, but don’t have a ton of cash to spare? These affordable RV-theme gifts are a great way to do it.

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Harvest Hosts / Boondockers Welcome Membership

Harvest Hosts boondocking at Oregon winery
Our stay at an Oregon Harvest Hosts winery. (Image:

One of the best camping gifts any RV will appreciate is a $99 Harvest Hosts Membership. Gift them a year’s worth of free overnight parking at over 7,000 locations in North America. When they hit the road, they can forget free overnight parking at Walmart.

Harvest Hosts is not the typical discount camping club that offers cheap overnight rates at affiliated resorts and campgrounds. Of course, those RV clubs are helpful. But Harvest Hosts goes a step beyond all the others, by offering members one-of-a-kind, free overnight dry camping experiences. Each member can stay at over 4000 wineries, breweries, small farms, museums, golf courses, and other unique attractions with RV parking.

Whether you are a wine drinker or not, it is interesting to learn about harvests, how different types of wines grow, and how wines are shipped or stored. Behind every host is an amazing story of entrepreneurs who work very hard to deliver their products or services.

Full-time RVer Lucinda Belden, Harvest Hosts Guide for Newbies
Colorado Boondockers Welcome host location.
Our Boondockers Welcome host in Colorado. (Image:

Add a $79 Boondockers Welcome membership to your Harvest Hosts gift (the same company runs both services). When you do, the lucky RVer has an additional 3,000 free overnight parking locations on privately owned land around North America. From rural homesteads to suburban driveways, moochdocking this holiday season and beyond has never been easier!

Unlike Harvest Hosts’ commercial dry camping locations, the Boondockers Welcome hosts are private property owners who enjoy meeting other RVers. Both clubs are geared toward one-night dry camping stays (sometimes longer), for self-contained RVs only.

Escapees / Xscapers Membership

There’s a camping club for every type of RV and outdoor enthusiast. But no RV club offers as much knowledge or as many RV-related services as the Escapees RV Club. Formed over 40 years ago by working full-time RVers Joe and Kay Peterson, it’s the biggest and most helpful RV support organization for any RV owner.

From pop-up tent trailer owners to million-dollar coach Rvers, the all-ages and all rigs support group provides regular opportunities to join club rallies, fun seminars about the part-time or full-time RV lifestyle, vacation caravans around the world, working on the road webinars, roadschooling families gatherings, and more.

The Escapees club’s Xscapers division is a separate interest group within the organization that’s geared toward non-retired RVers. An Xscapers membership gift is ideal for any RVer who is not yet retired and wants to make the leap to full-time RVing.

With assistance to RVers as its #1 goal, Escapees provides so many useful services and benefits for its members. Add to that the variety of interest groups, the RV parks it has established for its associates, and the camaraderie between participants in the group, and I think you will find that Escapees is, by far, the most cohesive and inclusive RV membership around.

Is Escapees RV Club Worth the Money?

Jackery Explorer 160 Portable Power Station

The Jackery Explorer 160 handheld portable power source makes great gifts for RVers under $200
The Jackery Explorer 160

Here’s a great last minute RVer holiday gift under $200 that your favorite nomad can unwrap and enjoy right away! The Jackery Explorer 160 is a small but mighty portable power station. Forget gas-powered on-site power. This little device has rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that provide 167 watt-hours of energy storage for on-the-go power of camping gadgets, laptops, drones, phones, and more.

Jackery 160 RVer Holiday Gifts Under $200

Recharge with AC or DC power from many sources like a portable Jackery solar panel, wall socket, cigarette lighter, or electric generator.

It is possible to have a solar system installed on your RV to keep your house batteries charged. I like the idea that I have a separate power system from my RV that I can take wherever I go. So even when I upgrade to a solar system for my rig, I still think a Jackery portable power station would be useful, and now that I have used it, it is a necessary piece of equipment for my RV life.

Levi Henley, Jackery Portable Power Station Review

The Most Comfortable Camping Chair, Ever!

Heated camping chair gifts for RVers under $200
Stay warm, have fun in a heated camping chair.

RVing and relaxation are supposed to go hand-in-hand. But when your discount camping chair is uncomfortable, relaxation is hard to achieve. If you’re done with cheap camp furniture, this is a great time to invest in a high-quality, but lightweight and portable camp chair like the Docusvect Heated Camping Chair.

You’ll stay comfortable even when winter camping in this unique heated chair. It features 3 adjustable heat settings that let you adjust the temperature of the back and seat position separately.

Couple using the Docusvect Heated Chair
The Docusvect Heated Chair holds up to 300 pounds.

Heat it with a USB-connected battery pack for hours of warmth. The best part is it only weighs 9.8 pounds, giving you long-term comfort around the campfire, on the lake, wherever you go.

A very well made chair with heating elements for your back and bottom. I used to heat up a few charcoal cubes in a metal bucket to keep my butt warm, but I no longer have to do that!!

Amazon Reviewer of Docusvect Heated Camping Chair

Waggle Pet Monitor Subscription

Waggle RV pet monitor device and smartphone app
One Waggle subscription, 100% peace of mind.

RVs tend to give pet parents a false sense of security when leaving pets home inside the rig. If a power outage causes campground power to go out, air conditioning can fail, heat up the inside of an RV, and put a pet’s life at risk. The same thing can happen in winter. Any power outage can cause a furnace to fail, and make it deadly cold inside the RV for pets.

One of the best RVer holiday gifts under $200 can save an RVing pet’s life. The Waggle Pet Monitor is a device with built-in temperature / humidity / power loss sensors. Just install it in your RV and Waggle monitors the indoor environment every second of every day, seven days a week.

Waggle Pet Monitor functions
Waggle Pet Monitor saves dogs and cats lives.

The Waggle is your eyes and ears whenever you leave pets inside the RV alone. This genius device can detect any unsafe temperature, humidity or power loss in your RV. When it does, it instantly alerts users through the Waggle smartphone app. Wherever you go, you’ll know the current situation inside your home on wheels. It’s the only way to get absolute peace of mind during those occasions when your traveling dog or cat must stay behind in the RV. A one year subscription is $199, a small price to pay for a traveling pet’s safety.

From rustic camping to glamping, these RVer gifts under $200 can be considered necessities for friends and family who travel with rolling homes. Now get shopping, and don’t miss your last chance to give the perfect holiday gifts for RVers that helps create a fabulous life on the road.

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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