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Affordable RV Storage Tips and Ideas

Published on December 1st, 2022 by Brenna Chambliss

As full-time RVers, maximizing our space to fit everything we need into our 32-foot-long home on wheels is essential. My favorite RV storage tips and ideas are based on what I learned during our first year of full-time RVing.

My Top Space Saving RV Storage Tips

Moving into our RV was very different than moving into a house, particularly when it came to storage. After a year of full-time RVing, here are my favorite RV storage tips

  1. Use your vertical space
  2. Go for collapsable and stackable
  3. Get creative with hidden storage
  4. Live with less

Use Your Vertical Space

cute spice rack for RV storage in kitchen
Installing baskets on the walls of your cabinets is a great way to use vertical space for extra storage in your RV. (Image: Brenna Chambliss)

Install a Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

We cook a lot, and storing our spices was a head-scratcher when it came to our motorhome kitchen storage strategy. My handy husband had the stellar idea to install little baskets along the walls of one kitchen cabinet just for spice storage. The best part is now it’s always organized. There’s no need to worry about my spices ending up in a jumbled mess when we’re on the move.

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Try Vertical Plate Storage

Stop stacking plates flat on your cabinet shelves. Get some magazine storage bins or clever plate holders to “up” your storage game and make room for other kitchen essentials.

Use Space Saver Clothes Hangers

I work remotely while on the road, so I need professional attire on hand at all times. Space-saving clothing hangers have saved my 14-inch-wide closet. Now I always have all the clothing I want and need everywhere we go.

Go for Collapsable and Stackable RV Accessories

collapsible colander for RV storage in kitchen
Think compact and collapsible for RV storage.

Use a 3-in-One Telescoping Broom

We carry a collapsible broom that comes with different heads for a mop, squeegee and duster. This drastically cuts down on cleaning storage without sacrificing the tools we need to keep our space clean and homey.

Try Collapsible, Vertical RV Kitchen Storage

These collapsible mixing bowls and colanders have absolutely revolutionized our kitchen cabinet storage. I store them upright like books on a library shelf – again, utilizing vertical space. We also have a collapsible dish drying rack. Transporting and drying dishes is easy inside and outside the RV with this nifty gadget.

Stick with One Brand of Stacking Food Storage Boxes

Why are food storage containers one of the most unruly kitchen items to store? Get rid of your mis-matched boxes and go for a set of nesting, stackable food containers. This set of food storage boxes sticks together, making it perfect for an ever-moving home on wheels.

Get Creative with Hidden RV Furniture Storage

ottoman used for RV storage and organization
Our ottomans serve as storage, extra seating and coffee table surfaces. (Image: Brenna Chambliss)

Try a Storage Ottoman

This simple, yet revolutionary full-time RV storage mod is one we use every day. We removed the original bucket chair that came with the RV and replaced that space with two storage ottomans. All TV-related equipment, including DVDs, the DVD player and video gaming materials are stored in these ottomans. They are padded on top and supportive enough to serve as extra seating when needed. The lids flip over to provide a hard surface, serving as our coffee tables when we’re hanging out on the couch. If we don’t need to use them, they collapse down and can be stored in our RV’s basement to make more room.

Cloth Baskets Keep RVs Organized

Our snack cabinet is also our spice cabinet. It was getting unruly with snacks once upon a time, making it cumbersome to reach our fancy spice racks. I found some lightweight cloth baskets on sale at Hobby Lobby and never looked back.

Now, all snacks go into one cloth basket that fits perfectly in the center of the cabinet. When we’re feeling peckish or need to reach the spices, we simply remove the basket for easy access to what we need. No more unloading all the snacks one by one to reach the cinnamon!

cloth basket for RV storage
Cloth baskets can be squeezed into tiny spaces.

Cloth baskets – as opposed to rigid plastic or wicker – are perfect for RVs. Flexible cloth baskets are easy to squish into oddly-shaped spaces. This makes removing and replacing a breeze. We have several baskets like these in our RV for cleaning supplies, medicines and other cabinet organization.

Hide Storage Bins Under the RV Couch

We’re hobby people, so this is the only way we’re able to bring our hobby supplies with us in a way that won’t make our RV feel crowded. Collapsible, zipping storage bins from Ikea make cheap, easy-to-access under-couch storage. They’re easy to remove and rummage through, saving your back from bending and searching under the couch.

Choose Multi-Purpose RV Gadgets

No “Unitaskers.” I’m convinced my husband made up this word. I’m also convinced it’s one of the best RV space-saving tips of all time. He strongly believes we should not own any unitaskers: (n) objects that only serve one purpose.

We’ve had to get really creative here. For example, we don’t have wine cups and coffee mugs. We have stainless steel stemless wine cups that double as our coffee mugs. And the broom/mop/duster/squeegee mentioned above is another big one.

Only Carry What You Need

You don’t need a million forks, knives, plates, cups, spatulas, towels and the like. You’re not in a house. You’re not going to throw a party or entertain your entire family in your RV (and if you are, bless your heart). Only keep what you need and will use – no extras. Clean out the things you don’t end up using after awhile. If you’re ever in a pinch, a store is likely close by. So if you really need something, just go buy it.

Other than emergency-essential tools, pair down what you can. You’ll be surprised by what you don’t need in your RV. For the things you do feel like you need, be thoughtful about how you choose to store them, and reconsider your inventory often. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a tight space with a whole bunch of stuff, which kind of defeats the purpose of living and traveling tiny anyway.

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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