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RV Steps Upgrades Anyone Can Do

Published on August 18th, 2022 by Contributor, Let's RV

When your rig gets to be a certain age, an RV steps upgrade might be in order. Modifying fifth wheel or travel trailer steps makes your rig look better. You also feel more secure when entering and exiting the rig.

But just how exactly do you modify RV steps? Is that something that requires waiting for RV service centers to get back to you about? Nope!

You don’t need to visit an RV service center, or spend a ton of money either. Anyone can do this kind of RV steps upgrade in minutes with just a little cash and effort.

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What to Consider Before RV Steps Upgrades to Motorhomes, Trailers and Truck Campers

Let’s get personal. How much do you weigh? You don’t need to tell me the answer, but you do need to consider your body weight when you buy new RV stairs.

Many RV stairs have welded points that weaken over time. The heavier the user, and the more often they use that RV, the more stress that gets put on those stair welds. Eventually, RV steps can wobble, and wear out. That’s what ours did several years ago. Thankfully, we could call a friend who has welding skills.

He fixed the broken RV stair welds for us.

Don’t worry if you’re not a welder. You don’t need that level of skill to make your RV steps upgrade feel secure and look great.

RV steps upgrade idea #1: better traction.

RV step rugs don’t just make stairs look pretty. They make safer, better places to put your feet. The non-slip surface is ideal for geriatric pets and people with poor balance. Just be sure to measure your RV steps carefully.

Double check that you are buying the right shape too. Stair covers come in straight and curved “radius” stair shapes.

RV steps upgrade idea #2: Pre-made outdoor safety steps.

RV steps upgrades with hot tub stairs
Try hot tub steps for more stability on your RV stairs.

When we considered adopting a geriatric three-legged dog, we knew our stairs could be a problem. Our previous geriatric three-legged dogs needed extra help getting into our high-clearance Arctic Fox fifth wheel. This one would too.

We didn’t need to change RV steps, though. One day a kind RVer couple gifted the above hot tub steps to us. What a surprise to find out they work great! The top stair sits just above the last step on our trailer stairs. The bottom step and base makes solid contact with the ground. From day 1, our old dog has no problem getting in and out of the RV (with a little dog harness assistance). And we feel more secure on the trailer steps, too!

RV stairs upgrade idea #3: add a step stabilizer

One reason RV stair welds break is “step bounce.” That last step doesn’t naturally make contact with the ground. With repeated use, the stair welds naturally weaken and eventually crack. That’s what happened to ours. Back then, I didn’t know that if you own a drill, you can do a fast RV stairs upgrade for better stability and less bounce.

Solid Stance RV steps upgrade
All you need is a drill and the stabilizer hardware.

The Solid Stance Step Stabilizer by Lippert is often discussed among RVers. It’s a fast, easy way to upgrade RV stairs by giving them a point of contact with the ground.

We’ve just recently returned from a 29 day trip of 5305 miles. Everything held up well. They work well. Easy to deploy and put back up for travel.

@KM Rolling, iRV2 Forums Member

RV stairs upgrade idea #4: retractable trailer stairs

One day we might get tired of hauling those spa steps around. When that happens, the Tork Lift GlowStep Revolution Stair System will be on my Christmas list.

Torklift GlowStep Revolution Trailer Stairs Upgrade

Owners of these stairs give rave reviews in the iRV2 Discussion Forums:

I got my steps installed and they are awesome. Very easy to install and multiple adjustments for terrain. Highly recommend !!

@Spdracr39, iRV2 Forums Member

What’s really nice about the GlowStep system is that it’s tailored to the height of your trailer, truck camper, or fifth wheel. In less than four minutes you can see why it’s super easy to install these stairs yourself:

Even better, you can get accessories like a handrail, pet safety barriers and shoe cleaning attachment.

RV upgrades like changing stairs (or making them better), or upgrading your sofa bed, go hand-in-hand with having fun. The more you use your rig, the more you can expect to replace things over time. Your RV steps upgrade is proof that you’re making the most of this awesome lifestyle.

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.