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RV Slide Out Seals Conditioning and Care Tips for Happy RVing

Published on September 7th, 2023 by Lynne Fedorick

RV slide out seals are the unsung hero of every RV that has a “pop out” room. Slide out seals hang out in the background, doing a really important job that no one ever thinks about until they leak, or something else goes wrong. Don’t wait for that to happen. Here’s how to care for them.

What Do RV Slide Out Seals Do?

Notice the black rubber strip that cover the inside edges of your RV slide room. That material keeps bugs, dirt, water, leaves, and air from getting inside of the RV. But they must be in a soft, supple state to do it.

Slide out rooms open up living space in a camper by magically adding square footage.
That extra space can make a narrow RV feel open and airy. 

Like everything else in the RV, slide outs require regular maintenance to stay functional.  It can be easy to forget about the vital importance of the humble and inconspicuous slide out seal. 

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RV slide out seals are the only thing standing between the exterior of the slide and the interior of your RV.  It’s in your best interest to keep them functional.

The Easy Way To Maintain RV Slide Out Seals

maintain RV slide out seals on motorhome
Sildes are easy to maintain twice yearly. (Image: @Happycarz, iRV2 Forums member)

RV slide out seal maintenance isn’t hard. Just keep them clean and condition them twice a year. They should be able to do their job of protecting your RV for many years. If the seals become hard or cracked, they won’t be able to work properly. You’ll find yourself dealing with moisture inside your RV.

It’s much easier to keep seals from leaking than it is to repair RV slide out water damage
RV slide conditioners keep the rubber from drying out, hardening, or even cracking. 

There are a few brands of RV slide out rubber seal conditioner on Amazon. All are effective ways to maintain your slide seals. Whichever brand you choose, a can of RV slide out seal conditioner usually lasts for years.

Here’s what you need to do to keep slide seals from hardening or cracking from neglect

Step 1. Clean first.

Starting with a clean surface will prevent damaging dust, dirt and debris from getting caught between the seal and the fiberglass surface of the slide out. Never use any harsh chemicals or alcohol-based cleaners to clean your seals

Step 2. Start at the top.

Begin at the top seal, located on the roof of the slide out room. Spray the slide out seal conditioner onto all 4-6 of the seals. Don’t forget to condition the rubber under the slide, too!

Step 3. Don’t let it drip down.

Gently wipe off any excess seal conditioner.

Step 4. Let the conditioner dry.

 Don’t retract your RV slide out just yet. Allow the conditioner to set into the rubber seals by allowing them to air dry. Just stand back and admire your work.

Yes, it’s that easy. This is all it takes to care for your RV slide out seals. Do it twice yearly and they will keep the inside of your RV dry and cozy all year long.

Want more RV maintenance tips?

 Let the RV LIFE Maintain My RV app help you organize maintenance chores so that you can do them on a regular basis. Follow the app and your camper will always be ready for adventure!

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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