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RV Sofa Bed Replacement Guide With Ideas: Everything You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Sofa

Published on June 4th, 2018 by Nikki Cleveland
This post was updated on March 30th, 2022

Are you tired of turning away overnight guests because of the lack of sleeping space in your RV?

Are you fed up with sitting on an old worn out and outdated sofa?

Ditch your current couch and replace it with an upgraded RV sleeper sofa bed!

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Whether your goal is to add additional sleeping space to your trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome or are just looking to replace your current couch with an RV sleeper sofa bed, there are a few crucial things to know before starting your project.

What you need to know before choosing your replacement sofa bed

Not all RVs are built alike and neither are RV sofa beds!

Choosing the right RV sofa bed can be influenced by a handful of different things.

Do you have a slide?

How big is your slide?

What is your RV’s layout?

How much floor space do you have?

These are all things to take into consideration before purchasing your replacement sofa bed for your RV.

One of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration before choosing your preferred sofa bed for your RV would be measurement.

It is important to be certain that your floor plan can accommodate the type of sofa bed that you want.

How to measure for your RV Sofa Bed

It is important to be certain that your RV’s floor plan can accommodate the type of sofa bed that you want.

Floor space may limit you as to where you can add your foldable sofa bed in your RV.

You’ll want to mind any obstructions that your floor plan may contain: things such as windows, doors, walls, countertops, etc.

Take a look at the two images below.

Each line represents a different measurement crucial to selecting a new RV sofa bed.

Height: The height should be measured from the base of the sofa to the tallest part of the sofa’s back.

Width: Measured from furthest left to the furthest right of the sofa.

Depth: The depth of the sofa should be measured from the back of the sofa to the front of the sofa.

As shown in the photo below, you will also want to measure for an possible obstructions that your sofa bed may hit when folded in a bed (picture shown is a jackknife sofa).

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Depending on the size of your desired RV sofa bed, you may need to make some additional measurements of your entry door, just to be safe.

Types of RV Sofa Beds to consider

There are three different styles of foldable RV sofa beds, each of course with different sleeping capacities and floor space requirements.

Jackknife Sofa Bed

jackknife sofa bed

  • Sleeps 1 adult

The Jackknife sofa bed is typically a standard sofa bed that doesn’t take up much room.

Whenever you have company over, or need an extra bed, you simply pull on the seat of the sofa to lay it flat.

The downside to this sofa bed is that it can be quite lumpy and uncomfortable, which means that you would likely need to invest in some type of roll out foam mattress or mattress topper.

Tri Fold Sofa Bed

  • Sleeps 2 adults

The Tri fold sofa is a fantastic RV sofa bed style that can add up to two additional sleeping spots to your RV.

This foldable sofa bed is a bit larger and bulkier than the previous jackknife sofa.

While it does require a bit more work to fold into a bed, this sofa sleeper is a bit more comfortable.

We would still recommend a mattress topper.

Hide-A-Bed Sofa Air Mattress

  • Sleeps 2 adults

The hide-a-bed air mattress is the biggest of the bunch.

Though this RV sofa bed is heavy and bulky, it tends to much more comfortable than both the jackknife and tri fold sofas.

RV Sofa Ideas

Most RVers don’t realize that they aren’t required to purchase an “RV specific” sofa to replace their current RV sofa.

As long as the dimensions and weight of your desired replacement sofa fit and compliment your space, you should be more than fine adding residential sofa.

Below are some RV sofa replacements and design ideas that we have found through some of our favorite RV bloggers!

grey l shaped rv sofa

Image courtesy of @twinning_in_our_5thwheel on Instagram

Adding a white residential style sofa can add an incredible residential living feel to your RV.

white residential rv sofa

Designed by MeganLeannJones

Corey over at Sawdust 2 Stitches has done an incredible job transforming her old RV sofa into a beautiful modern looking jack knife sofa.

dark blue RV sofa

Design by Sawdust2Stitches

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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