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10 RV Office Gadgets to Stay Organized on the Go

Published on December 8th, 2022 by Lucinda Belden

If you are working from your camper on a makeshift desk, these 10 RV office gadgets can keep you organized and more productive in less time. These ideas can help even if you already completed something like an RV office conversion in your toy hauler fifth wheel. That’s because not having the right gear, makes for an uncomfortable, inefficient RV workspace. So kick back and learn how to get work done at a real desk!

1.    Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad for RV office
Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Never let your phone die again, but better yet, don’t tie up extra space. Get a mouse pad that can also charges your cell phone. Anytime your RV office tools can serve more than one function is a win, win situation in an RV office.

2.    Temperature Control Smart Mug

Temperature control smart mug.

Who doesn’t like a cup of hot tea or coffee to start the workday? Or all day if you are winter RV camping. Get a smart mug that keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature for a long time. You’ll love how it’s rechargeable through a USB connection. This lets you run on RV batteries and use DC power instead of AC. You mug sets on a charging coaster, and you control the temperature through an app!

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3.    Computer Arm Rest

Computer Arm Rest

Did you build a workspace in your RV and now have a bunkhouse office? If so, you might have a small desk in a tiny space. If your computer sits close to the edge of the desk, that means your arm hangs off the desk when you use your mouse. This causes fatigue over time. Solve that problem with this awesome RV office gadget: an arm rest that attaches to desk. You can attach it on any side of your RV office desk where you need more surface space to rest your arm.

More Awesome RV Office Gadgets

4.    Monitor Stand Riser

Monitor stand riser

If you have a monitor or two, a riser stand is one of the best RV office gadgets you can get. This gadget can help adjust the level at which you view your monitor, which reduces neck strain. It also creates extra space underneath your monitor for extra desk storage. Storage space at an RV desk is at a premium so adding a riser doubles your options. Add small baskets with rubber bottoms so you don’t have to move supplies around while your RV is in motion.

5.    Power Strip Tower

Power strip tower

Do you have to unplug and move RV office gadgets around when you are traveling? You might want to get a power strip tower instead of a power strip bar. The tower sits on top of your desk with non-slip rubber feet. It comes with USB ports and AC outlets. It is much easier to get to the tower to set up your office than it is to get down on the floor and crawl around under the desk setting everything up or tearing it down when you change locations.

6.    Headphone Stand with Charger

Headphone stand with charger

Does your RV office have wires running everywhere? Don’t have enough space on your desktop to keep headphones, charges, and more. Try a headphone charger stand.  It mounts under the side of your desk, so it is out of the way. But it has strong hooks on it so you can hang your headphones and other devices. Bonus: the stands come with USB chargers so you can charge headphones and other RV office gadgets in an out of the way, but accessible, unused space — under your desk.

7.    Portable Laptop Monitor

twin monitors for RV office gadgets that work
Portable Laptop Monitor

Are you working with multiple monitors via a laptop? Maybe you should upgrade to something lightweight just like your laptop. There are now swivel monitors you can add to your laptop. They have different sizes and resolutions and are compatible with most laptop brands and operating software. You can rotate the screens to work with any type of desk or sun that is coming through your RV windows. They also help if you are working outside.

8.    Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank

Plan on doing a lot of boondocking but you still need to work? Or you are dry camping on 30-amps, and you need to save battery power for critical RV operations? Try a solar power bank. Catch rays from the sun outside your RV window or while you are working at a picnic table desk. You can recharge a mobile device with it and there are no wires and no installation.

9.    LED Drawing Lamp

LED drawing lamp for RV desk (instead of sticky notes)
Rewritable Night Light

Do you have sticky notes pasted everywhere by your RV office desk? Try using an LED drawing lamp instead. The lamp has a solid base that sits solidly on your desktop. It emits a low light so you can also see if the sun is behind the clouds. At the same time, it has an acrylic, erasable message board you can write your notes on. Erase notes as you complete them. Leave the others highlighted on your desk.

10. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

upgrade your RV office with noise cancelling headphones
Noise cancelling headphones

Sometimes the campground is a little too noisy to focus on getting work done. Especially if you are working off-hours when everyone else is out at the campfire playing loudly. A must-have RV office gadget for me is a set of wireless headphones. Make sure they have a noise cancellation feature too.  Look for USB headphones so you can charge them anytime.

Whether you work remote from your RV office, or even if your desk is the dinette table, these office tools will make your work life much easier!

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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