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12 Must-Have Campervan Accessories for Stress Free Adventures

Whether you’re a campervan owner, a seasoned campervanner, a campervan hirer, or new to campervanning, there are some campervan accessories that are essential to a stress-free on-the-road adventure. Some items are always in the campervan – hob, fridge, sink, convertible beds, lighting, heating (possibly), pop-top (sometimes), cupboard space, and essential kitchen utensils (definitely if you’re renting […]

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  • Updated January 18, 2021

Yes, You Can Get Good FREE Internet On The Road

A reliable internet connection is like the holy grail for many full time RVers.  How many crowded lodges have I come across full of surfers, with every available power outlet in use.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have reliable, free internet right in the comfort of your own rig? Did I just say “free?”  […]

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  • Updated September 23, 2020

32 Tips On Maintaining RV Slideouts And Stabilizers

Slide outs are probably the post popular innovation on RVs in the past 25 years. Automatic stabilizers are also a very popular option. You will notice I used the term “stabilizers” and not jacks. Current technical information often refers to these devices as stabilizers instead of jacks because they aren’t intended to be used as jacks. In fact, it […]

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  • Updated January 18, 2021

Removing Moldy Diamond Shield From An RV

We all have to do lists, right? And sometimes those to-do lists get neglected just a bit. Am I right? Well, sitting atop my to-do list since we bought our RV was getting the dirty, ugly, nasty-looking Diamond Shield off the front of the RV. Diamond Shield sounds great, right? Sounds almost bullet proof. Well the point of it is to […]

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  • Updated January 19, 2021