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This RV Living Influencer is Enjoying One Amazing Life on YouTube and Beyond!

Published on May 4th, 2023

Six years ago, Liz Amazing, a popular full-time RV living influencer on YouTube, found herself at a turning point in her life. Despite closing yet another lucrative real estate deal, she took a moment to assess her priorities. With a $20,000 commission check in one hand, and a fistful of RV living dreams in the other, Liz intuitively knew it was time to make a change. At 55-years-old, this real estate agent sensed that her fast-paced lifestyle was no longer sustainable if she wanted to be happy. It was time to pursue her dream of RV living.

Liz was a successful real estate agent, and she was making good money. But her career couldn’t satisfy her adventurous spirit. “I just felt more and more trapped. I was making good money, and was successful. But I hated it.” From the all-day phone meetings that tethered her to clients, to a never-ending race to the closing table, her thriving real estate career gave her almost everything she ever wanted. But one thing it could not do was provide a rich and adventurous traveling lifestyle. For 25 years, the idea of traveling the country in an RV had called to her. Finally, in 2019, she knew the time was right to make her dream a reality.

From Real Estate Agent to Popular Full-time RV Living Influencer

Each week on her Liz Amazing YouTube channel she shares the highs and lows of RV living with nearly 100,000 loyal subscribers. They enthusiastically watch her helpful videos on RV tips for everything from finding good RV repair shops, to RV trip planning, driving tips, and more. Her full-time RVing lifestyle combined with 25-plus years of camping experience work together to give RVers information they need about all aspects of life on wheels. And oftentimes, RVers show her helpful new tools too, like when a campground neighbor told her about the RV LIFE Trip Wizard planning tool.

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Liz Amazing by motorhome
Liz Amazing is constantly on the go! (Image: Liz Amazing)

“It’s such a dream!” she says. Before she started using RV LIFE Trip Wizard, she spent a ton of time researching and compiling trip routes, mileage, and campgrounds data. With RV Trip Wizard, that old route planning method went by the wayside. “I love how I can change my itinerary on the fly. Because in this life you do change your itinerary constantly! There is a little bit of a learning curve in the beginning, but once you have it set up, it just seems so easy.”

Viewers find her information helpful, and it’s their enthusiasm that fuels her desire to keep on creating new videos. After all, nothing makes her happier than knowing she offers trustworthy information to other RVers. Each day she pinches herself, just to make sure she’s no longer just dreaming about her new way of life. “How lucky am I at 60 years old, be making a living, to be able to support myself traveling!”

Warm, Welcoming, and No-Nonsense RV Living Guidance

Liz mostly just wanted to take time off, explore national parks, and tap into her photography skills to create beautiful art from the road. But when friends began encouraging her to start a YouTube channel about her new lifestyle, the former graphic designer and photographer took a leap of faith and started a channel. Her warm and welcoming personality combined with a no-nonsense practicality about RV living soon won viewers over.

Today, Liz says she thoroughly enjoys how her YouTube creations utilize the talents and gifts she’s been given. Being a content creator enables her to help people live their own dreams. She especially hopes that women who put their own dreams on hold for the sake of raising families or caring for parents and partners will be inspired to make their own positive lifestyle changes. “There are many people out there that are waking up feeling like they’re on the wrong path and that they’re just wasting their life. It’s a common story, but not everybody takes action to change that,” she explains. “By living my life and my dream, whatever that dream is for others, if they see me doing it, it hopefully will inspire them to go after whatever is calling them,” she says.

The One Thing Most RVers Don’t Know About Liz Amazing

You may be surprised to learn that Liz Amazing’s name is not an alias, as many fans of her RV living YouTube channel assume. In fact, “Amazing” is her legal name. After her divorce was finalized several years ago, Liz wanted to change her surname to something that would bring her happiness, just as taking her ex-husband’s name did when they first got married. She explains, “I wanted a name that I’m just as excited about now that I’m getting divorced. I want to have a happy name.”

full-time RV influencer Liz Amazing  (Image: Liz Amazing)
Liz Amazing IS her real name! (Image: Liz Amazing)

When the word “Amazing” came up as a possibility, the idea made her smile but she quickly tossed it aside. “Nobody has a name like that!” she told herself. But six months later she changed her mind. “I thought that if it makes me happy, why not just do it?”

Today, she loves how strangers smile when she announces her last name. “I had no idea the happiness it would bring people!” Whether it’s calling an insurance agent or verifying her identity to a phone banker, people chuckle and even share their own silly name ideas like “Mark Magnificent!” Her adopted name is an instant icebreaker that puts people at ease. “It makes people happy. I had no idea that would happen! I thought I would get laughed at. Well, there hasn’t been a single person laughing at my name after all these years. But everyone is inspired. It makes me feel good that I just followed my heart and did it.”

Finding Joy an Intentional Full-time RV Living Influencer Mission

Liz Amazing’s full-time RV living situation isn’t always perfect, but she remains committed to this lifestyle. As viewers of her YouTube channel know, she faces common RV issues like unreliable internet connectivity, repairs gone wrong, and even campground theft. But none of these struggles have caused her to consider going back to her old traditional lifestyle. “This life makes me feel so alive! I’m finally living after feeling like I was on the wrong path for so long.”

She explains that if watching her channel causes more people to follow their hearts and chase their dreams as a result of her work, she knows that she’s living her life with intention and purpose. And that’s what makes her happiest. “I don’t think of it as a job. I feel like it’s my mission. And I feel so lucky to be doing this!”

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