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First-Class Fifth Wheel DIY RV Renovation Report: 2019 Jayco Eagle

Published on March 2nd, 2023

Meet the Matlocks. This DIY renovator team embarked on a fun, affordable fifth wheel DIY RV renovation project. The stunning results will inspire you to tackle your own RV makeover!

The Matlocks Renovate a 2019 Fifth Wheel into a Bright, Cozy Full-time RV Home

Maggie and Garrett Matlock have been full-time RVers with their dog Duck since late 2021. The couple instantly embraced nomadic life, saying they reside “anywhere we park our home.” Maggie is from Delaware and Garrett is from North Carolina. They can occasionally be found in those states visiting their families. 

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The Rig

During the research phase, Maggie focused mainly on the layout of the rig. She loves interior design and making places feel warm, cozy and homey. They went into their fifth wheel purchase knowing they would renovate the RV they chose. 

Garrett is 6’3’’, so the ceiling height was a major attraction point that drew them to fifth wheels. Maggie found most bumper pulls have ceilings too low to be comfortable for Garrett.

They spent about six months researching different makes and models of RV styles. Eventually the Matlocks landed on purchasing a 2019 Jayco Eagle fifth wheel for their affordable fifth wheel DIY RV renovation.

The renovated kitchen in the 2019 Jayco Eagle fifth wheel. (Image: Maggie Matlock)
The renovated kitchen in the 2019 Jayco Eagle fifth wheel. (Image: Maggie Matlock)

The Renovation

When the Matlocks purchased their Jayco fifth wheel, the work began. The couple painted the interior, replaced the countertops, refreshed the kitchen, updated window treatments and more to make it their dream home-on-wheels. 

For this affordable fifth wheel DIY RV renovation project, the Matlocks took their RV interior pallette from dark, bland, and stale to bright, welcoming and cozy.

Their favorite modifications? The fireplace and the laundry bench. 

The fireplace is located beneath their TV. The original dull, dark, rectangular area surrounding the TV was dripping with potential. After painting the cabinet and wall space, Maggie gave a facelift to the wood paneling surrounding the fireplace, switching to a bright, more neutral wood to replace the prior dreary dark grey wood paneling. 

Maggie said the fireplace update only cost about $20 but changed the look and feel of the whole area. Now this focal point dazzles invitingly in the center of the room. 

The renovated TV and fireplace fifth wheel area. (Image: Maggie Matlock) 
The renovated TV and fireplace area. (Image: Maggie Matlock) 

To make way for the laundry bench area, the Matlocks removed the dining table, which they never used. When they require a dining table now, they simply pull out a folding table as needed. Without the table, this area in one of their slide outs became a nice, open space.

After taking some time to think and research what to add to this space, they realized they had nowhere to put bulky, ugly, space-using laundry baskets. Thus the laundry bench was born.

This L-shaped bench is nestled in a corner of the main slide out. You can fold the seats up and toss laundry in. This bench hides the laundry and adds additional seating while still leaving lots of open space in the slide out area. 

The center of the Matlock’s 2019 Jayco fifth wheel, featuring the L-shaped laundry bench on the left. (Image: Maggie Matlock)
The center of the Matlock’s 2019 Jayco fifth wheel, featuring the L-shaped laundry bench on the left. (Image: Maggie Matlock)

While their renovations so far have already given this fifth wheel a bright and welcoming personality, there is always another project on the horizon to continue executing their vision. Next up, the Matlocks are tackling their bedroom.

Their DIY RV Renovation Advice

Maggie and Garrett offer this advice to fellow fifth wheel DIY RV renovation geeks:  

  • Take your time.
  • Always keep weight in mind. 
  • There is usually a budget-friendly solution if you take the time to research. 
  • Be sure to keep up with regular RV maintenance. 
  • Keep extra tools, paint and other helpful materials on hand at all times. 
The Matlocks’ fifth wheel bathroom renovation. (Image: Maggie Matlock)
The Matlocks’ fifth wheel bathroom renovation. (Image: Maggie Matlock)

“They say on travel days, your RV is in a constant earthquake,” Maggie says. “Roads are rough, and no matter how well you did or how much time you take, little things are always going to happen and need to be fixed or freshened up.” 

Stressing the importance of regular RV maintenance, Maggie adds, “A pretty interior is nothing if you don’t keep up with your seals, tracks, tanks, hoses, etc.!” 

Their Life: More About The Matlocks

Garrett worked as a traveling welder for over five years in the beginning of the couple’s relationship. At the time, Maggie was a diesel mechanic and did not have the ability to travel for work. Eventually, they decided to sell their home to live and work on the road as full-time RVers.

Now that Maggie isn’t able to do diesel mechanic work on the road, she is learning new trades and gets hired for a variety of work on the jobs sites to which they travel. 

The Matlocks typically stay on their job sites for two-to-six months before moving on to the next one. This allows them to live in different areas and experience all they have to offer. It also allows for a flexible schedule so they can take time off between jobs to travel and see family and friends. 

See More Fifth Wheel DIY RV Renovation Inspiration

Follow the Matlocks’ adventures and see more photos of their renovation on all social media platforms at  

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