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Camping in Acadia National Park: Tips for the Best Experience

Published on July 6th, 2023 by Rene Agredano

Want to visit one of the best RV vacation destinations in the United States? RV camping in Acadia National Park is definitely the way to go. This allows you to really immerse yourself in the beauty that is all around you when visiting this gorgeous destination.

RV camping in Acadia lets you experience it in a way that staying in a hotel simply won’t allow.

That said, there are some things you should know before you go camping in Acadia. Lucky for you, we’ve done our own fair share of camping in this amazing place and we’re here to share our best tips. Read on to learn everything you need to know before you go.

Is Camping in Acadia National Park Possible?

First things first, we have to address the question we ourselves always ask first whenever we want to go camping in a national park:

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Is camping in Acadia National Park even possible?
Does Acadia have RV-friendly campgrounds?
Can RVers camp near Acadia, outside the park?

Fortunately the answer is yes to all three questions, RV camping in Acadia is possible, and the camping options are absolutely fabulous!

We highly recommend staying in one of the RV-friendly national park campgrounds inside Acadia when visiting, if at all possible. This puts you right in the middle of the action, allowing you to spend every moment of your trip enjoying the beauty of this incredible place. 

Trail leading into the woods at Acadia National Park (Image: Unsplash)
Trail leading into the woods at Acadia National Park (Image: Unsplash)

What are the Best RV Campgrounds in Acadia National Park?

The next question: Where is the best RV camping in Acadia National Park? Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with any of the camping in Acadia. Since everyone’s needs vary, it’s hard for us to say which camping ground might offer the best camping in Acadia National Park for you and your travel party. 

What we can do is list the options for camping in Acadia, as well as some information about each option so you can make the best decision for you.

In all cases, RV campsites in Acadia must be reserved in advance. 

Blackwoods Campground

Blackwoods Campground has both tent and RV sites. It does not offer electricity, but you can use the dump station and potable water fill. 

Seawall Campground

No hookups are available in Seawall Campground. That said, there are RV sites, and potable water and a dump station are available. Additionally, the campground is just a short walk from the coastline. 

Schoodic Woods Campground

In Schoodic Woods Campground you will find tent and RV sites. Some sites are dry camping only and others have electric hookups. There are even some sites with both water and electricity!

Where to Find RV Campgrounds near Acadia National Park

As we mentioned above, we highly recommend camping in Acadia National Park if you can. That said, the in-park campgrounds do book up quickly. Not only that, they don’t all accommodate RVs and only some of them offer RV hookups. Therefore, not everyone can stay in these campgrounds comfortably. 

The good news? There are plenty of awesome RV campgrounds near Acadia. You can stay very nearby and enjoy the natural beauty of the area even if the NPS campgrounds won’t work for you.

Some of the best private RV campgrounds near Acadia include: 

Mount Desert Campground

Built for small RVs under 20-feet long, Mount Desert Campground is a unique and scenic campground on Mount Desert Island with waterfront & wooded sites. Dogs are not allowed during peak season.

Hadley’s Point Campground

Stay at Hadley’s Point Campground at a full-hookup RV site, just above a public saltwater beach, minutes from Acadia National Parks main entrance/visitor center, and downtown Bar Harbor,

Narrows Too RV Resort

This beautiful waterfront RV resort called Narrows Too RV Resort  offers spectacular ocean views, a ton of amenities and family activities just a few minutes from Acadia.

When to Go Camping in Acadia

View from a trail we hiked while RV camping in Acadia National Park (Image: Unsplash)
View from a trail we hiked while RV camping in Acadia National Park (Image: Unsplash)

Now that you know where to stay when you go camping in Acadia National Park, the next step is to decide when to visit. For us, the easy answer is summer.

Summer temperatures in this part of the country are quite mild, making for perfect hiking weather. You might get the occasional day that is relatively hot, but that’s what the swimming at Sand Beach and in Echo Lake is for. 

Late spring and early fall are also fine times to go camping in Acadia. You will likely need to use your RV furnace or some space heaters to keep warm at night, and long pants and jackets will be necessary. But the park will be absolutely lovely during either of these times.

All that said, the campgrounds in the park and the surrounding area will close in late fall. They won’t reopen again until late spring, so be sure to plan for that. 

We do not recommend visiting Acadia in winter.

Winters in Maine are bitterly cold and camping during this time would be uncomfortable and dangerous. Besides, as mentioned before, the campgrounds will not be open during the winter months. 

Things to Do While Camping in Acadia

Wondering what you should do while camping in Acadia? There are so many things to do in this amazing park that you certainly won’t be bored! We’ve listed some of our favorite options below.

Sunbathe at Sand Beach

The water at Sand Beach is always cold, but sunbathing and playing in the sand on this beautiful beach is totally amazing.

Swim in Echo Lake

If you do want to go for a swim, we recommend heading to Echo Lake for a quick dip in this slightly warmer water. 

Hike Great Head Trail

This is one of our favorite trails. It’s a moderately difficult hike, but totally doable for families—even those with kids. 


The night skies in Acadia are gorgeous, so head out after dark to admire them. If you can, attend a stargazing ranger program.

Hunt for a Sea Cave

Follow the Anemone Cave Trail to find a super cool sea cave. This is an easy trail with a fun reward at the end!

Stroll to an Island

Following the Bar Island Trail at low tide will take you across a land bridge to Bar Island. Once on the island, you can hike or have a picnic. Just be sure to head back before the tide comes back in. 

Walk the Sundew Trail

Another trail we love is the Sundew Trail on the Schoodic Peninsula. For extra fun, consider visiting during low tide and walking to the small island you’ll see along the way. 

Check Out Thunder Hole

Thunder Hole is a must-see while in Acadia. This is a place where the waves hit a hollow spot in the rocks in just such a way that they create a thunderous noise. Be sure to visit during high tide to get the full effect!

Have Ice Cream

Udder Heaven Ice Cream Retreat is a great place to grab a yummy ice cream treat after a long day of exploring. 

Wherever you camp in or near Acadia National Park, it’s a treat of a lifetime and well worth the effort!

The Best Way to Plan Your Acadia National Park RV Camping Trip Logistics

Getting to this park in an RV can be tricky. Low bridges, trees, and narrow country roads present logistical challenges and hazards to RVers. Let the team at RV Trip Wizard be your guide to find RV safe roads to Acadia National Park!

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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