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9 Important RV Safety Accessories

​Being safe in your RV is just as important as having fun in your RV! Whether you are brand new to RVing or a veteran, there are many crucial RV safety accessories that every trailer and motorhome should be equipped with. Unfortunately, many of us forget to maintain these safety features or completely forget that they’re even […]

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Waste Master RV Sewer Hose Review

​Using the Waste Master RV ​sewer ​hose waste management system has completely simplified dumping your ​tanks. Traditional sewer hoses are messy and unreliable. Unlike your old sewer hose that is required to twist on and off your empty val​ve, the Waste Master sewer hose is permanently attached to your RVs drain outlet, using a special CAM lock […]

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RV Sleeper Sofa Bed Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before Replacing Your Sofa

​Tired of turning away ​overnight guests because of the lack of sleeping ​​space in your RV? Ditch your current couch and replace it with an upgraded RV ​sleeper sofa bed! Whether you​r goal is to add additional sleeping ​space​ to your ​trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome or ​are just looking ​to replace your current couch with​ an […]

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11 Must-Have Campervan Accessories for Stress Free Adventures

Whether you’re a campervan owner, a seasoned campervanner, a campervan hirer, or new to campervanning, there are ​some campervan accessories that are essential to a stress-free on-the-road adventure. Some items are always in the campervan – hob, fridge, sink, convertible beds, lighting, heating (possibly), pop-top (sometimes), cupboard space, and essential kitchen utensils (definitely if you’re renting […]

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Hughes Autoformer Review – Never Worry About Power Spikes Again

Hughes Autoformer is designed to protect the ​the sensitive electronic equipment installed in many modern RVs, whether it is high definition TV screens or complex computer-controlled system monitors.​ In America, all of them are designed to operate on 120-vot systems.​ Even appliances like air conditioners and water pumps can be damaged by an unexpected electrical surge that […]

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Winegard Rayzar Automatic HDTV Antenna Review

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m not a big television person. But, after a few encounters with some bad weather, I decided I needed to be able to pick up local TV stations just from a safety perspective. The Internet apps are fine in being able to show information and project forecasts, but nothing beats having a […]

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The Complete Guide To RV Fire Extinguishers

​The most important weapon you have to fight an RV fire is, of course, your trusty RV fire extinguisher, and everybody who is traveling in the coach should know how and when best to use them. The ideal locations to keep your RV fire extinguisher ​are in the galley, the bedroom and outside in an unlocked […]

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