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Best 5 Wine Tumblers for a Shatterproof Summer

Published on July 28th, 2022

Pour, Sip, Repeat – 5 Wine Tumblers for RVers

RVers and wine go together like movies and popcorn. While some RVers have gone to a high quality boxed wine to save space and avoid breakage when traveling, many forget to apply that same logic to their wine glasses. Wine glasses don’t travel well and wine in a plastic cup is just…um… no.  

For campers looking to get the most out of their liquid libation, stainless steel wine tumblers offer a shatterproof solution that keeps wine at the correct temperature, are often stylish, and take the abuse that an RV delivers out on the road. All of these wine tumblers maintain good temperature control for hot or cool drinks for several hours. We countdown our favorites, ranked in order. 

Our 5 Best Wine Tumblers

#5 Swell Wine Tumblers

Swell Wine Tumblers come in cute colors in a 9 oz size for $25, but tops are sold separately for $8 which pushes the price up to $33. If you’re into metallic or marble patterns, this could be a fun choice. 

a pair of wine tumblers displayed in front of a fireplace
Photo –

#4 Corkcicle

Corkcicle tumbler colors are great but it also comes with a hefty price, starting at $32.95 each.  The size of the tumbler is large, so not as comfortable to hold in your hand as other models we’ve come across.

Corkcicle brand cups stacked on each other.
Photo –

#3 Yeti

The Yeti tumblers are known for its mag slider top, which slides easily, but is known to leak a bit if your wine tumblers tumble. Any leak inside an RV is bad, and a leak outside draws insects. They do have 8 cool colors however, and are good quality for $25. 

#2 Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask is a good quality brand that first launched with its stainless steel water bottles known for keeping water cold. Now they have moved into other drinkware.  Their wine tumblers come in six basic colors with tops.  At $24.95 it’s a solid choice.

stock Hydro Flask tumbler
Photo –

#1 LITO Tumblers

Our number one pick is the LITO . Luxury in the Outdoors (LITO) is a family-owned brand created just for RVers, so customer camping needs are a top priority. We love these 10 oz tumblers for their quality and the reasonable price of $22 which includes a leak-proof top that also fits a straw  (fat or skinny) in case you’ve opted for a cocktail (or just a cold drink). We also find it’s very comfortable to hold in your hand. 

Best of all, the LITO wine tumblers come in 9 colors that also match their coveted camping picnic tablecloths

9 LITO Wine Tumblers arranged on a LITO tablecloth
Photo courtesy of LITO


Whichever set of wine tumblers you choose, you can enjoy your favorite Pinot Noir, or Chardonnay at the right temperature. Should your Merlot go sideways, that leak-proof lid will keep it contained for spill-free sipping.

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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