Levi Henley: Content Manager, Media Specialist, & WordPress Aficionado at RV LIFE Levi Henley stands at the forefront of RV-centric content, wearing multiple hats as a Content Manager, Media Specialist, and the in-house WordPress guru for the RV LIFE network. With his deep-rooted expertise in RVing, workamping, and the full-time nomadic lifestyle, Levi has been a guiding light in the community since he hit the road in 2015 with his wife Natalie. Their journey, punctuated by innovative approaches to nomadic income, has culminated in the widely acclaimed guide, "Seasonal Workamping for a Living: How We Did It," a testament to their hands-on experience and knowledge. This resource, available on Amazon and through their personal website, Henley's Happy Trails, offers invaluable insights into the mobile lifestyle. Levi's credibility is further bolstered by frequent citations in RV industry media and endorsements from key organizations like Coach-Net, Escapees, and Workamper News. Renowned for his ability to troubleshoot technical RV conundrums, he has become the quintessential problem-solver within the community. Beyond his professional prowess, Levi is a man of diverse talents and interests. He's not only an actor and magician but also a certified scuba diving instructor and an adept videographer. His adventures across the country in a 2011 Sunstar Itasca, accompanied by Natalie and their two feline companions, embody the spirit of exploration and lifelong learning.