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3 Reasons Why Some RVers Stop RVing

Published on November 10th, 2022 by Patrick Buchanan

Why and When Will You Stop RVing Too?

Call it a lifestyle, a hobby, a pastime…whichever moniker you assign it, at some point many folks simply stop RVing. New RVers often assume they will bow out of the RV life at some point due to age, work schedule, or finances, but there are a few surprising reasons they perhaps have not thought about. Here are 3 of those reasons.

1. They Can’t Perform RV Maintenance and Upkeep

some RVers stop RVing because of maintenance
RVs require maintenance. Some people get tired of it.

Not everyone venturing into the RV lifestyle quite realizes they are essentially buying a house on wheels, and all of the maintenance and upkeep that goes with it. In fact, with the amount of fiberglass and specialty equipment on board, it might be more accurate to say you are acquiring all of the joy and headaches of a house, a truck, and a boat…all at the same time.

The amount of maintenance and upkeep required for an RV is significant. Many RVers realize they simply can’t keep up with it, or lack the skills to perform the required maintenance and stop RVing. Perhaps they didn’t do enough research on the onset, or perhaps they underestimated the amount of tinkering that would be needed. 

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Physical limitations can be a factor to cause some to stop RVing. RVers unable to get on the roof for periodic inspection may neglect that important aspect of maintenance, leading to water damage and further problems. Perhaps all the required tasks required to set up & tear down a campsite each time have simply gotten to be too much. When it’s more work than fun, people stop RVing.

2. They Stop RVing Because They’ve Seen It All

woman RVer stops RVing after seeing it all
“I’ve been everywhere, man.”

Some (lucky?) RVers stop RVing because they have already logged thousands of miles and have seen everything they wanted to see. They’ve already taken fabulous RV trips to Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Crater Lake. They also saw Devils Tower, and Mount Rushmore. Perhaps they stop RVing because they have spent time on every coast. And every lake, every National Park, and every festival.

They’ve seen the leaves fall in the Northeast, they’ve visited the Florida Keys. And they’ve made dozens of RV Trips to see the kids and grandkids. They’ve been to the Grand Canyon a couple of times, and seen the balloons in Albuquerque. Many have stayed on the Grand Strand in South Carolina. These RVers stop RVing, not because they don’t enjoy it, but because they are just done. They’ve seen it all and are ready to move on.

3. Their Health Insurance Won’t Let Them

A recent trend causing some RVers to stop RVing is their health insurance. RVers who acquired low cost health insurance plans from the Affordable Care Act are quickly finding out that their plan does not cover out of network charges. It doesn’t work even for emergencies, when they are away from home. So unless you are driveway camping, you have to stop RVing. That is unless you can find a health insurance plan that works for RVers. 

Coleen Elkins of RVer Insurance & RV Insurance Benefits states; “If you are an RVer you have to be even more diligent and educated than the average consumer. You need to have an understanding of the nuances of traveling with an insurance card in your wallet. If you were to find yourself on the road in an emergency situation, would your health insurance provider pay the bill?”

Rather than stop RVing, these RVers need assistance figuring out how to put together a health insurance policy that travels with them. Then they can enjoy their time on the road and not worry about the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills if they get injured while sightseeing at some of those great RVing destinations or take a tumble getting out of their RV.


man thinking about quitting RVing
Don’t stop RVing if you only need better health insurance.

For each of the reasons to stop RVing proposed here, there are solutions. Those RVers that can’t manage the upkeep can reach out to forums like for assistance. Or, take the time to find a diligent and reputable RV service provider. RVers that have seen it all can turn to RV rallies for additional community and camaraderie. Some may resort to renting out their RV

RVers that have been stymied by health insurance concerns need only to visit Get a free health insurance quote, or even just give them a call for a brief consultation. 

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