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2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse RV Trip: Best Camping Spots in Oregon, California, Nevada, and Utah

Published on August 17th, 2023 by Rene Agredano
This post was updated on September 23rd, 2023

Everyone is looking forward to the total solar eclipse that will take place in 2024. But don’t miss out on taking a 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse RV trip. This is a great lead-up event to the 2024 eclipse!

The sun and moon are always dancing around each other, and you’ll get a chance to see them collide at this exciting annular solar eclipse taking place on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023.

This spectacular event will last for a few minutes, and the Ring of Fire path of totality only visible at a handful of locations across the United States. Since you don’t need a telescope to be an eclipse viewer, it’s definitely worth going out of your way to enjoy!

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During an annular solar eclipse, the moon isn’t quite large enough to completely block out the sun. Instead, it creates a glowing “Ring of Fire” in the sky. It’s equally if not more beautiful than a full solar eclipse.

Example of annular solar eclipse "ring of fire." (Image: Shutterstock)
Example of annular solar eclipse “ring of fire.” (Image: Shutterstock)

Keep in mind that the full Ring of Fire is only visible within a 130-mile wide eclipse path of totality. You must visit specific parts of these states to catch a glimpse.

Bring your eclipse solar viewing glasses so you can safely observe this amazing event.

These states are in the path of the
2023 Ring of Fire eclipse

New Mexico

Whether you try an RV rental with an outfit like RVShare, or have already joined the RV owners’ community, check out these awesome RV campsite destinations for the eclipse October 14. Hurry and make reservations for your road trip, the Ring of Fire 2023 Annual Eclipse is coming up quick!

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, OR

Oregon is the first state that will experience the solar eclipse Ring of Fire in 2023. It won’t be fully visible from major cities like Portland. But, you’ll be in the sweet spot if you camp anywhere between Coos Bay and Florence.

These coastal towns are right next to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area as well. OHV recreation is huge here, so bring your sand toys.

The eclipse will only last for 4 minutes at most. So it’s a good idea to stay someplace where it’s actually fun to camp. These dunes are the best campground for the eclipse. It’s also a great place for cookouts, enjoying your RV, nature photoshoots, or just strolling along to admire the waves of sand.

WARNING! Be careful if you want to catch the eclipse at Oregon Dunes NRA. The Oregon coast is famously cloudy and misty, so it’s possible that your visibility could be ruined. But if you’re in the area anyway, keep your eyes open and hope for a clear day!

Best Oregon Coast Campgrounds/RV Parks for the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse

Lava Beds National Monument, CA

Next up, the eclipse will sweep down to California. This state is a paradise for RVers, and there are tons of resorts and parks where you can set up camp. One of the best campgrounds to watch the Ring of Fire eclipse is Lava Beds National Monument.

In California, the Ring of Fire eclipse will only be visible for about 1 minute, but this monument is in range of the total eclipse and worth a stay.

The national monument itself is quite impressive. There are lots of lava tube caves to explore, plus some truly stunning hikes and vistas.

There’s only one campground within the monument itself, Indian Wells Campground. This is only built for smaller campers. Some boondocking exists just outside the park gates, but not much. If you are in a bigger RV it’s best to stay in the surrounding communities and enter the park on the day of the eclipse.

Best Northern California Campgrounds/RV Parks for the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse

Great Basin National Park, NV

Nevada is also in line for the 2023 Ring of Fire eclipse. However, there’s a lot of empty space on private land in this state, so your solar eclipse camping options will be a bit more limited.

Fortunately, the eclipse will pass over Great Basin National Park, which will give you plenty of time to view the celestial event.

This basin is a gorgeous area with a lot of variety. You can enjoy rugged alpine mountains, color-changing leaves in the forests, and lovely mountain lakes. Great Basin is a great place to enjoy some natural beauty while you watch the sky. In October, heat from the sun’s rays won’t be too bad either.

Best Nevada Campgrounds/RV Parks for the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse

State and National Parks, UT

If you love the red rocks and rugged wildlife of Utah, take a trip out to this beautiful desert. Several state and national parks in Utah are also on the list of potential camping destinations for the 2023 Ring of Fire eclipse. You can see it from the following parks:

Kodachrome Basin State Park
Bryce Canyon National Park
Capitol Reef National Park
Canyonlands National Park
Natural Bridges National Monument

A large swath of Utah will be able to see the 2023 eclipse. The timing will vary in each of these locations, but you should be able to see it for at least 2 minutes. At some locations you can watch the eclipse for 4+ minutes!

Bring your hiking gear so you can get a clear, private view of this stunning event.

Best Utah Campgrounds/RV Parks for the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse

Mesa Verde National Park, CO

If you haven’t tried high altitude RV camping lately, head over to check out the eclipse in southwestern Colorado’s Mesa Verde National Park. In some zones of the park, you’ll be able to watch the event for almost 3 minutes! Colorado also has plenty of ways to have fun before and after the eclipse event.

Mesa Verde has a bit of everything, including some truly unique attractions like:

Ruins of the Ancestral Puebloans
Explore Mesa Verde canyons
Hike the mountains
Roam the grassy plains
Go wildlife watching
Try fall leaf peeping

Best Colorado Campgrounds/RV Parks for the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse

Albuquerque, NM

This solar eclipse won’t be fully visible from most major cities in the US. However, it will pass right over Albuquerque, New Mexico! In fact, this is one of the areas where the eclipse will last the longest.

To make things even better, the solar eclipse Ring of Fire in 2023 overlaps with the International Balloon Festival (which runs from October 7-15). Just one of these events would make RVing to Albuquerque worthwhile, but two at the same time? That’s a party!

If you have the chance to make it to this city, you should definitely go. It would be the cherry on top to witness the eclipse from the air.

Best New Mexico Campgrounds/RV Parks for the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse

San Antonio, TX

Over in Texas, San Antonio is another major city that’s getting lucky in 2023. Visitors will be able to enjoy the 2023 eclipse for about 4 minutes in this city, so you’d better believe that there will be celebrations and parties on every corner.

The city is also worth exploring before and after the eclipse! It has lots of interesting attractions, both modern and historical. San Antonio is one of the largest cities in Texas (and the country), so you can find pretty much any kind of entertainment, store, or restaurant. If you prefer to go RVing to urban areas, this is a great destination for you!

Best San Antonio Campgrounds/RV Parks for the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse

Corpus Christi, TX

Finally, the eclipse will wrap up its grand tour at the Texas coast. And it just so happens that Corpus Christi is a wonderful destination for RVers. It will be more popular than ever this October. The full Ring of Fire eclipse will last for almost 5 minutes in Corpus, so it’ll really go out with a bang.

When everything is over, you can relax on the beach and soak up some unfiltered sunshine. Visit the nearby state parks, beaches, and art museums while you’re on the Gulf Coast.

Best Corpus Christi Campgrounds/RV Parks for the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse

Want more campground recommendations for the 2023 Ring of Fire Eclipse? How about the April 8th 2024 total solar eclipse in MexicoTexas Hill Country, Little Rock ArkansasMissouriIllinois, and a small slice of the east coast?  Head over to RV LIFE Campgrounds for recommendations from real RVers like you.

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