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16 Ways to Annoy RV Campground Neighbors

Published on November 17th, 2021
This post was updated on July 12th, 2022

Nobody wants to annoy RV campground neighbors on purpose. But too many new campers don’t understand good camping etiquette rules. Even experienced ones often do not. Most likely, it’s because they were never told about how to behave in a campground setting.

Check out some of these bad campground behaviors. Chances are, you’ve witnessed at least some of them.

annoy campground neighbors
Campground etiquette is a must in the outdoors

How to Annoy RV Campground Neighbors Anywhere

The nomadic lifestyle gets us into the outdoors with minimal hassle. But no matter where we go, good campground etiquette matters. Even if you enjoy free camping out in the sticks, when another camper arrives, manners are a must. Please don’t do these things to annoy RV campground neighbors.

Cut through campsites

Cutting through campsites is a big no-no. This includes walking through a site, kids biking through a site and adults driving golf carts and ATVs through another campsite. Want to be extra rude? Interrupt a meal or comment on what that neighbor is doing as you pass through.

Leave your dog unattended

The second big way to annoy RV campground neighbors is to tie your dog up at your campsite, then ignore her. Or let your dog stroll through the campground off-leash. Better yet, leave for the day but keep your dog inside your RV. Then wait for campground neighbors to complain about your barking dog.

Don’t pick up dog poop

Show that you really don’t care about nature. Let your dog poop in the campground and don’t pick it up! Your RV neighbors will instantly know you don’t care if anyone steps in it. For bonus points, if you do pick it up, just drop the poop bag in front of someone else’s RV. Congratulations, you’ve just annoyed more RV campground neighbors.

annoy RV campground neighbors
Be as loud as you can if you really want to annoy RV campground neighbors

Have a late night party

Most campgrounds have quiet hour restrictions, and usually guests abide by them. But if you want to stand out and make every campground neighbor mad at you, just ignore quiet hours. Talk loud, blast music, and run you’re generator late into the evening too.

Let your kids run wild in the campground

If you’re a parent of young children, now’s the time to take a break. Let your kids scream, yell, cut through campsites and leave toys scattered around the campground. After all, you deserve a vacation too.

Smoke cigarettes wherever you please

Who cares if your neighbors are non-smokers? Your habit belongs to you, not them. So don’t think twice about where your cigarette smoke drifts. While you’re at it, drop cigarette butts on the ground to test the wildfire risk..

campfire trash
Doesn’t all trash burn away?

Stash your trash in the fire ring

For many campers, fire rings aren’t just for logs. Put your trash in there too and see if it will burn. The stuff that doesn’t go up in flames will find it’s way into the garbage eventually. After all, every campsite would have a trash can if campground owners wanted guests to put their trash somewhere, right?

Choose a campsite next to other campers

One of the best things about free camping on public lands is that you can often pick where to camp. So if you’re the type of RVer who loves company, go ahead and set up camp close to someone else. After all, birds of a feather flock together.

Park in front of other campsites

A common complaint is that people park cars next to their RV in a way that prevents other RVers from entering their site. Most campgrounds limit vehicles to one, maybe two, vehicles for a reason.

Burn campfires under your neighbor’s window

Some people have a real life-or-death aversion to smoke. They may be asthmatic or have a lung disease. If you don’t care about making other people sick, put the fire ring a few feet away from your neighbor’s RV. The flames and soot licking at your neighbor’s sidewalls are an added touch.

Leave outdoor lights on all night

Many RVs have outdoor lights with bright LEDs to illuminate their patio area. Leave them on all night just in case you need to go outside. If your neighbor can’t sleep, your lights can help them see outside at night.

More bad camping etiquette ideas

Want more ways to annoy RV campground neighbors? These bad camping manners didn’t get as many votes as the others. But they are still the top ways that campers annoy other campers.

  • Speed around the campground as fast as you want.
  • Run your generator any time of day or night. .
  • Idle your RV next to your neighbor’s window.
  • Arrive and set up camp late at night.
  • Spill your sewage at dump stations and don’t clean it up.

Bad camping manners happen anywhere. But good camping etiquette starts with each of us. Do the opposite of these examples above wherever you go. You’re sure to set a good example for other RVers to follow.

This post may contain affiliate links or mention our own products, please check out our disclosure policy here.

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