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On the Road of Retirement: Visiting with old friends in our old hometown

From the bloggers at On the Road of Retirement.

Our first week in College Station was a bit of a blur. We spent a few days entertaining our new RV friends and after they left, suddenly it was Easter. Friends of ours from way back (Cheryl and Preston) invited us over for their annual Easter Sunday celebration. We attended this in the past so certainly took them up on their offer. We brought over a side dish and joined this rather large gathering of about 65 people all enjoying the great weather on Easter Sunday.

We had a blast reconnecting with many of our friends from when we lived here over five years ago. It was great to be able to see so many people we otherwise might have missed during our month long stay in the Brazos Valley. Besides seeing all our friends it was also fun watching their children and their grandchildren having such great fun on Easter Sunday. To top it all off the food was outstanding and it was really quite a feast.

We also had time this past week to meet up with other friends of ours. When our friend Jerry texted us to say he was heading over to our old favorite bar we hopped into the CRV and headed over to it. Duddley’s Draw (classified by Yelp as a dive bar) opened in 1977 way back when I was in college here at Texas A&M University. I spent a lot of my idle time (and money) at this place and made many friends there as well. Great place to get a beer and they have great sandwiches as well.

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