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Yes, you can create personal space in an RV

Maybe you don’t want to move into a RV because you think your kids won’t have any privacy. But, there are so many ways to personalize a sleeping space or room, and organize your teen’s life to make RV living fun and successful.

Creating your own space — My mom installed individual curtains to the side of our bunks, so we have somewhat of our own sleeping space.  You could even go to any art and craft store that sells fabric and get some material to add to the inside of your curtains to add your own personal flair, while the outside facing curtain can be a color everyone sharing the room agrees upon.

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Beautifying — You can get vinyl stickers to personalize your space.  They can be removed without causing damage to the walls.  You can buy them at craft stores and some department stores. We found a good selection at Hobby Lobby. We have used several vinyl stickers inside our RV.  My  mom loves them, and you can get designs from quotes, pictures, dots or even birds.

Non-committal hanging — You can put up most anything in a RV that you can in a house. But, instead of nails, or screws, we use command strips. The adhesive strips work great, and they require no holes!  When you need a change,  just peal and it off. You can change where you want to put something without looking at an ugly hole.

Make the most of space under your bed — We all know the space under your bed, the one you don’t know what to do with. I suggest these great boxes we found at IKEA that is just the perfect height to store anything in it from clothes, crafts, or even shoes. In my family, I know we have problems with where to put our shoes (not me, I only wear my American flag boots).  We found these shoe holders at Camping World and they work great, especially under the beds. But, you don’t have to put just shoes in them you can put almost anything in them.

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Personal space is one thing, but personal responsibility is another — and both are important when families live in an RV.

Keeping track of chores — For a long time, my brothers, sister and I never earned allowance. We never could keep track of it or knew what to help with. However, my mom found a message board at Hobby Lobby and made cards with points on them. Each card is clearly written with the chore needed, how much that chore is worth and, on the back of the card, there is a list of what, exactly, the chore entails. If we earn 150 points then we get 7.50.  One point equals .05 cents on our board.

Before we were paid cash, when we earned 150 points, we were transported to our groups or meetings. At the time, my sister and I were taking dance and my brother was involved into Boy Scouts. You can truly use the points for any reward that is agreed upon.

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Schedules — In order to keep track of our work due for the school day, or what activities or appointments we need to be at, we keep a date book or agenda. My mom has laminated one door with dry erase laminate and it is there that we find our “to-do list” each morning. We simply copy our school list and our activity list in our agendas. It’s a great way to know what’s expected of us, as well as a great understanding of what we have accomplished through the year. Some can even choose to use a digital app on their devices to keep a working calendar.

So, if you have teens or kids of any age, and want to move into a RV, don’t wait until your older to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle. Do it now. Your life doesn’t have to be up-heaved and chaotic. There are so many ways to be organized and maintain your child’s sense of space.

Have fun with your family and build on the important things in life. Yes, it’s possible!

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Scout Williams is a 12-year-old who has been living the RV lifestyle full-time since 2012 traveling around the country with her parents, sister, brother and dog. Based out of Fort Myers, Fla., she is a "roadschooler" who is especially interested in art, science and writing. Her dream is to one day own a horse.

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