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Yes, bulk shopping can work even when RVing

When we decided to sell our house and hit the road full-time, our warehouse memberships to places like Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s was one of the first things to go.

We assumed that with such a small space there would be no way we could still make our bulk purchases and find places to store them.  The other challenge we anticipated was finding our warehouse throughout our travels.

Within a month of leaving our home state, we realized how much we missed our staple items and the amount of money we saved purchasing these items in bulk. When we found our warehouse store in northern Montana, we realized we could probably find one anywhere we went on our travels.  So, we quickly rejoined and have been happily saving since.

Here are four ways to make bulk shopping work while living in an RV.

  1. Only buy items that are money saving.  You have to be a smart shopper at warehouse stores.  Many items will be cheaper because you are buying in a larger quantity. But, other things (such as soda) often go on sale at grocery stores and there isn’t a benefit to buying in bulk.  Be a smart shopper.
  1. Stock up on non-perishables. Items without an expiration date, ore one that is very far out, are easily to stockpile.  We save so much money buying paper towel, toilet paper and cereal at warehouse stores! But, when we get home, we get to play a game of Tetris trying to find room in the back of cupboards to fit items we won’t use right away.
  1. Buy items that are sub packaged in smaller quantities.  When we buy large boxes of yogurt, cheese sticks and granola bars we don’t have room to store the big box so we open it up and can more easily place those items in nooks and crannies of the fridge and cupboards.
  1. Be selective on fresh and frozen items.  Will your family really go through 32 onions or eat 10 pounds of oranges before they go bad?  You will actually spend more money if you are making purchases that your family can’t consume in time.  Only pick produce and fresh items that your family will enjoy quickly.  The same goes for freezer items.  We find that freezer burn sets in much more quickly in our RV, so we are very selective on those items.

While it is possible to buy 27 gallons of mayonnaise and 52 pounds of ground beef, it isn’t in your best interest.  Choose wisely and your pocketbook and RV will thank you!

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Jen Holt and her husband Drew are parents to two young kids and travel the country in their fifth wheel nicknamed Big Moosey. The Holts have a passion for the outdoors and love visiting National Parks. You can follow more about the Holts adventures at

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