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Yahoo: The no-cost remodel – Carmella’s 7-step plan to clutter-free living

From the bloggers at Yahoo.

We discovered interior designer Carmella Rayone McCafferty via her 13-foot-wide kitchen with ingenious faux soapstone counters and a place for everything. On her blog Assortment, Carmella chronicles life for her family of five in their 665-square-foot cabin in Wyoming, and writes about “living smaller in order to live larger.”

After selling their four-bedroom house in Florida in 2013, Carmella and clan moved to a rental in Wyoming and then spent seven months in a camper while their cabin was being built.

“Camper living gave us a sense of how small we could go and still be comfortable,” she says. “There’s something profound about being set in a place that forces you to define so carefully who you are and what you actually need to fully live.

Step 1: Envision your essentials by packing for a two-week trip in a camper.

“People think they have to give it all up and have one spoon and one fork to achieve the simpler life. In truth, what you need to do is figure out what’s important to you. A good way to begin is to actually pack up your family—or create packing lists—for what you’d need to live in a camper.”

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