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Yahoo: RV resorts for the 1 percent

From the bloggers at Yahoo.
Resorts for the 1 Percent

If you had a million-dollar motor home, where would you go? Keep in mind that these giants can be as long as 45 feet and can weigh as much as 10 tons! Some states, like California, even have restrictions on where you can drive them. These motor homes require plenty of room to maneuver and solid ground to park on for the night. Then there are the aesthetic considerations: You certainly don’t want your shiny temporary home parked next to a 1979 rust bucket.

Hot trend

Scott Hunter, a sales coordinator who helps people pick out their million-dollar babies at Ancira RV, near Fort Worth, Texas, told Yahoo Travel that people who buy models priced over $1 million usually pay cash and use them only a few times per year.

Yahoo Travel went in search of the answer and found one of the hottest trends in RV parks — what the industry calls “motorcoach resorts.” These resorts sell condominium-style lots that come with perks ranging from golf courses to private marinas and movie theaters. They maintain exclusive clientele by allowing only Class A motor homes, which are the industry’s largest models.

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