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Y Flicker

Y Flicker replaces bikes at campsites

Yvolution USA offers what may the the hottest kid-friendly device at campgrounds today. The Y Flicker is a three-wheeled stand-up scooter that allows kids to easily get from one place to the other without using bicycles.

Riders can also carve, drift and spin 360-degrees and with the company’s patent-pending wheelie lift technology, kids can do wheelies forward and sideways.

“These devices are incredible, and our children absolutely love them,” said Kimberly Travaglino, founder of Fulltime Families. “They are so much better than bicycles because they fold down for easy storage inside an RV compartment.”

The devices come with a quick response hand brake to maintain control. After an initial push off, the Y Flicker moves through swaying action by the rider.

The devices come in several sizes and colors to accommodate children as young as 5 as well as teens and adults.

“Campgrounds and RV dealers really should be stocking the Y Flicker because they are so popular with kids and parents love that they don’t need to lug heavy, bulky bicycles with them to campgrounds,” said Travaglino. “I’d encourage campgrounds to consider renting these out, too. Kids love them!”

To watch a video of the Y Flicker in action, click here.

Retail prices range from $50 for junior models to $150 for the adult versions.

For more information, visit www.yvolution.com.

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