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Xtreme Green Waterless Wash

Xtreme Green offers Waterless Wash and Shine

OREGON, Wis. — Xtreme Green Waterless Wash and Shine is an environmentally friendly, citrus-based formula which saves, time, money, and the planet’s most precious resource — water.

Xtreme Green’s special lubricating, anti-scratch formula which surrounds and safely lifts dirt particles onto the towel and away from paint, leaving behind a shiny coating that helps protect paint, and makes it easier to clean next time.

Perfect to use anywhere, anytime. Simply spray on and wipe off. It takes only 15 minutes to wash an average vehicle, leaving it clean, shiny, and protected.

  • No water buckets, hoses or soap needed.
  • Easily cleans bugs, road tar, tree sap, bird droppings, and water spots.
  • Special lubricating agents leave a “just waxed” shiny finish that protects and beads water for up to four weeks.
  • Safe for use on all painted surfaces, chrome, and glass.

Short on time? No access to water? Need a quick clean up before going out? Bird or bugs left a mess? No problem. In just minutes you can clean and shine your vehicle in a garage, campground, a parking lot or a gas station.

Xtreme Green Waterless Wash and Shine retails for $10.99 for a 6-ounce can, and $15.99 for a 16-ounce can.

For more information, call Paul Gradian at 608.228.8484, e-mail pg6011@gmail.com or visit www.xgopportunity.com/paulgradian.

SOURCE: Xtreme Green press release

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