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(Oct. 8, 2014) -- is a job search portal that caters to couples searching for employers specifically hiring two people to work together as a team. allows job search for two

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — is the only job search portal that caters to couples – husband/wife, partners, parent/child, friends – searching for employers specifically hiring two people to work together as a team.
Couples interested in exploring such opportunities are able to subscribe to the site and discover features.
With unemployment still relatively high, optimistic claims that a recovery is underway ring hollow. The situation is especially tough for couples who are both unemployed; looking for work as a couple feels twice as hard. is the first and only site of its kind to bring together couples looking for work with the employers eager to hire them. By posting only jobs for two, the site is a one-stop shop for couples who both need a job, a career change, or simply a chance to explore new opportunities.
Anyone can browse the job postings on, but only subscribers will see employer contact information. Each job posting page features a “share” button to alert friends or relatives to an interesting opportunity.
The types of jobs available to couples are surprisingly varied and include:
  • Apartment Manager/Resident Manager Teams
  • Caretaker Couples
  • Domestic Couples
  • House Parents
  • Innkeeper/Hotel/Motel Couples
  • Live-In Caregiver Couples
  • Management Couples
  • Ministry Couples
  • Mobile Home Park Management Teams
  • Property Management Couples
  • Pub-Restaurant Managers
  • Ranch/Farm Couples
  • Self Storage Management Teams
  • Work Camper/Campground Couples
The benefits of working as a couple include having much more quality time together. Plus, most of the jobs posted on provide housing and are often OK with children and pets.
Couples can opt for a limited free subscription or create an unlimited-access subscription to the site by paying a quarterly or monthly fee. Paid subscriptions enable users to see full contact information as provided by the employer for every job listed on the site.
Another feature of the paid subscription is the option to upload a couples’ resume for a one-time fee. With a compelling resume, prospective employees can flip the script and have employers contact them. Couples who have opted to include their resume can also add photos, an option that strongly recommends.
Feedback from satisfied users demonstrates that has been helpful for many couples: “A year ago, while living in the craziness and chaos of a large city, my wife and I replied to a ‘Resort Couple Management Team Needed’ ad on Today, we are managers of a beautiful, peaceful resort in Northern California. has been a life-changing service for us!”
From the perspective of employers, is a valuable tool for locating and vetting candidates for sometimes hard-to-fill job openings.
“I was able to fill my position with just one insertion on the website. The resumes were well qualified and easy to work with nationally using Skype to interview out-of-town candidates. We routinely hire working couples throughout the country and will use again when the need arises.”
Employers pay nothing to register with the site and may choose between free job listings or paid job listings that come with additional distribution and exposure. At last count, more than 1,600 employers had registered. Every employer is screened before being allowed to post jobs, and each job posting undergoes editorial review to ensure that it meets all the necessary criteria, such as clear descriptions of the job’s scope, duration, location and compensation package.
With thousands of jobs posted each year on, the site has clearly met a need. The developers plan to continue meeting this need with technology and responsive services.
SOURCE: Working Couples press release

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