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Wisconsin’s wildlife

As a nature enthusiast, I love the summer months in my home state of Wisconsin. Besides the beautiful wildflowers growing along the roadways, the wildlife is spectacular.

Recently, Norm and I were taking a drive fairly early in the morning and we were lucky to see a sandhill crane chick, a turkey chick, as well as a fawn. It was nice to see the babies making their way in the world, but even better, we have this same view from the decks of our house.

Evenings usually find us sitting on the deck with my telephoto lens on my camera biding our time until they make their appearance. We have a doe that brings her twin fawn out to eat about the same time each night. She steps gingerly out of the wood line first and they follow her a short time later. Like most mothers, she is making sure it is safe for her babies. The camera lens make it possible to watch them without threatening them.

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If that isn’t enjoyable enough, we just switch decks so we have a view of the farm land. On this side of the house it is common to see three buck eat their way through the corn field, soon arriving in the alfalfa field. While I wait for their arrival, I sit and enjoy the wind blowing through the alfalfa field, causing green waves that remind me of waves on an ocean. The ripples create a rainbow of green. I never knew there were so many shades of the hue.

It is on this same side of the house that we watch a family of sandhill cranes grazing. I have seen one other crane chick in my entire life, but this year we have seen several. I find it interesting that sandhill cranes mate for life (humans could take lessons from them); but I have also learned that in the rare instance when twin chicks are born, one of them becomes the dominant chick and kills its sibling. How awful!

Life in rural Wisconsin is spectacular if one remembers to take time to notice. Enjoying nature and wildlife is an inexpensive way to explore the state and learn about the animals in your own backyard. I have heard rumors that several bear have been seen in the surrounding area. I hope I have my camera ready when a bear decides to explore my backyard.

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