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Winnebago’s newest motorhome passes drop test

FOREST CITY, Iowa — America’s love affair with RVing was born from our national desire to get away from it all, but like the rest of the world, RVing has changed to reflect new technologies.

Campgrounds promote internet access. GPS navigation and back-up cameras are standard on most models. And a new breed of motorhome is starting to appear on highways and in campgrounds across the country.

Smaller and more fuel-efficient, they’re built on the Ram ProMaster chassis, new to the U.S. market.

Yet despite that track record, one company needed to prove for itself that the motorhomes it built on the chassis would pass its own battery of tests.

So one cool morning last year, the first motorhome built in the United States on the Ram ProMaster chassis fell to the earth. Upside down.

In this aptly named “drop test,” Winnebago dropped the coach from three feet above the ground onto an even concrete surface. While not legally required (and not a test for safety issues), the drop test provides insight into the structural integrity of the coach, and ensures that interior fittings, like cabinetry, stay put under the test conditions. The little Trend passed.

It takes time (and money), but the company believes it’s worth it.

“It’s in our corporate DNA to do everything we can to provide a better, safer experience for our customers,” noted chief executive officer Randy Potts. “As far as we know, we’re the only motorhome company that tests our products in all of these ways.”

And now that they’ve arrived, these sleek new motorhomes have struck a chord with RVers, so keep an eye out for them. And the next time you’re near an RV dealer, feel free to stop in. Although the age-old drive to hit the road still powers the industry, it’s amazing to see just how far today’s motorhomes have come.

SOURCE: Winnebago press release

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