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Winegard introduces ladder mount for satellite TV

Winegard today announced the launch of the MT-4000 Satellite TV Antenna Ladder Mount.

The MT-4000 was designed exclusively for satellite TV antennas in the RV marketplace for poles with outer diameters between 1 to 1-1/8 inches.

The MT-4000 extends from 19.5 to 23.5 inches in 2-inch increments for three setting options, which allows users to raise their Winegard Satellite TV antenna above ground level obstructions to gain the best line of sight to the satellite.

The MT-4000 is compatible with Carryout G2, Carryout G2+, and Pathway X1 Winegard antennas.

“The MT-4000 is our newest edition to the Winegard family of mounts and accessories,” said Keith Larson, director of sales and marketing for Winegard Consumer Products. “It is lightweight, extremely durable and easy to assemble for temporary or permanent installation.

“The MT-4000 is ideal for those looking for an option that does not take up room inside or on top of their RV,” he added.

The MT-4000 is available for purchase at Camping World, RV dealers nationwide, and


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