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Wheels: 10 tips to help you prepare for your first RV road trip

From the bloggers at Wheels.

An RV is a fun way to travel across Canada with your family and explore the great outdoors with freedom and flexibility. For beginners there is a lot to research and a good place to start is Go Rving Canada.

As with cars, there is the option to buy, finance, or rent an RV, depending on your budget and what you are looking for. You may want to ask other RV drivers for advice, attend an RV show, or watch online tutorials to learn some basics. Before you embark on your first RV road trip you will of course ensure your RV is safe, secure, and has passed all safety tests according to your province; such as propane safety checks, seatbelts, plumbing, electrical, and gas.

Once you have the green light to start driving it’s time to pack up, hit the road with your family, get back to nature, sleep under the stars, and maybe even eat food from a stick cooked on a fire! For this first article in my RV series here are some tips and tricks for your first RV road trip.

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