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Wheelling It: Coming full circle and making summer plans

From the bloggers at Wheeling It:

We’re back in San Diego and thus back to being official beach bums. This is where our journey started over five years ago and for that reason it’s always a bit strange to be back here. We love this town and will always love this town, but we feel both completely at home and completely disjointed when we stay here in the RV.

In the years we’ve been on the road nothing has changed, or rather nothing seems to have changed. While our lives have been rich and varying it feels as if the earth stopped spinning here at “home” and the people/places we knew those five years ago are almost exactly where we left them. I mean even the barrista at our local coffee shop is the same guy!

It makes our journey seem almost surreal. Did we really leave? Or did we just transport into a parallel dimension and jump right back again?

To read the full story at Wheeling It, click here.

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