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Wheeling It: A few updates and announcements

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

I’m still not in the right head space to write about our trip last week to the Outer Banks so I figured I’d just give folks a few updates & announcements today. I’ve got more than I thought.

My post on our tow accident generated an enormous amount of comments. THANK YOU to everyone who chimed in. The comments opened up several new lines of thought and also highlighted several useful tips for our time going forward. We may never know exactly what caused our accident, but several things are now clear:

1/ R-pins/hitch pins DO fail – The type of simple cotter/R-pin/hitch pin that we were using does fail. Several experienced commenters posted about this, and there’s no doubt that upgrading those pins to heftier locking/linch pins is an easy safety upgrade that anyone can do. Even better, if you’re worried about #2 (below) is to switch your pins to padlocks or lockable pins. This means you won’t be able to easily unhitch in an emergency (say, a fire), but it does prevent malicious tampering. Several good brands of padlocks were mentioned by commenters in the last post PLUS the tow accessory kits (like this one for Blue Ox, or this one for Roadmaster) now come standard with lockable cross-pins or padlocks. You’ll have to decide what makes most sense for you.

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