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Wheeling It: New York City — Sightseeing

From the bloggers at Wheeling It.

It’s hard to summarize our sightseeing in NYC into just one post. We saw so many things our heads practically burst from the input, we ate so much good food the elastic pants had to come out, and we walked so much we put holes in 3 pairs of socks. Each of our little outings could be a blog post all it’s own, but if I’m to survive I’ll have to condense and sort. And our outings were kind of like that too.

In all we had ~5 days or so to sightsee, in between cat stuff, and we had limited time every time we went out. We never leave the pets alone for too long and in this case we had radioactive kitty pee to watch out for too. So we had to be choosy, real choosy.

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